Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Boy oh boy have I got a lot to show n' tell...

I've been in overdrive getting all my goodies stocked up for the craziness of December.
So I won't be too wordy with this post, just lots of lovely pics of all the fun stuff coming out of my studio these last few weeks.

Our latest additions to the {finkigirl} range feature the artwork 'Shine and Journey'

We have also extended the range to offer silver and old gold in every piece,
including these fab new lockets that are just running out the door...

Bit of re stocking in the men's corner. Cuff links, bags, cards and badges.

Necklaces galore, from fabric covered buttons and scrabble tiles to tea cups and resin.

New 'Hello Dolly' skirts and 3/4 sleeve cardi's

Totally restocked all my resin clippies, brooches and earrings.

Made some cool screen printed cuddlies and girls singlets.

Finally got round to using some of my cool laser cut shapes for necklaces and a few other tidbits.

and lastly earrings galore.
Resin hooks in silver and old gold, ceramic birdies,
wire wrapped Czech beads and a splash of silver.
All available down at Olive Grove.

Whew...think I'm gunna sleep now.
Jay xx

Monday, November 28, 2011

Another year over...

....and a new one's just begun.

Ti's the time of year for cake, candles and changing that little number in my profile blurb.
Another year older and wiser and still loving my thirties much more then any other decade.

I continue to learn more about myself and my place in this world every day.
Learning, growing and playing.
I hope I never stop learning or stop wanting to.

I won't reel off a list of this years activities, achievements and bridges crossed.
Just know, it was a good one.
One that gives me great enthusiasm for the year to come and all it has to offer.

My day, or weekend really... has been a whirlwind of,

Yummy things,

little things,

crafty hearty awesome things,

and funny things,

A man of many words, this is the inside of my Birthday card from the littlest.
He actually didn't want to write anything.
He just wanted to give it as is, cause it had a cool dinosaur on the front. Hee hee...

All I could wish for and more.
Thanks for another year.
Jay xx

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

It sure is...

For me this brings a certain amount of mixed emotions. Well I'm sure it does for everyone matter of fact.
My scenario is, the inevitable excitement of shopping... did I mention I love shopping! Then I also have the job of making sure people have things to shop for.

So on the work front it is crazy busy with a list bigger then I could possibly wish to achieve. But so long as I tick something off every so often and have that sense of achieving something, then it's O.K

A few ticks this week go to...

Firstly, getting some bunting done.
I was thinking for tree trimming but I like it so much that mine has become a permanent fixture above my desk. Mum the master of faster crochet than I, did all the lovely stars for me then I got to sit and join them all together ready for the shop.

Next I ticked off the task of having some new men's tees done...

'T-rex takes Melbourne' is the title of this fun shirt.

I did for a milli second contemplate just having the fabulous Melbourne city skyline as the feature print, but in true Finki form, I had to add a little quirkiness or it just wouldn't be me.
I decided my philosophy with men's tee's would be, 'Ask yourself Jay, would Sheldon wear it' For those not up with eccentric geeky dude Sheldon cooper of Big Bang Theory you may wander 'What the'.
Well what I mean is my style, I have come to realise is bright, bold, fun and sometimes a little retro. Similar to the stylings of our adorable geek Sheldon.
So as much as Melbournians, my home town, do love their black, I shall be trying my darndest to break that mould.

Moving on...
Ladies tee's is the the other thing I can tick off my list.

I did a run of 'Sweeping swallow' in four great summer colors.

So yay for ticking things off the list, makes me feel a little more prepared for the craziness that is Christmas.

Now time for some more shopping.
Oh....and it's not all Christmas shopping. I just find ALL stores focus on stocking there shops to the max with awesomeness right NOW. So it is the best time to shop, for upcoming birthdays e.t.c. Give it a month though and you'll be starting to see the shelves bare as they move off summer and X-mas and start getting ready for Easter!
Maybe not that dramatic, but you catch my drift.
Jay xx

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

A new range...

Finally I can spill the beans on the secret squirrel business I have been working on of late.

It's been a crafty collaboration a long time in the making.
Not so much that we had been planning it for a long time, more so that when we met so many years ago during our first foray into markets I knew... I just knew that this day would come.

We were both just beginning to take our craft seriously and wonder if we could make a business of it. We both struggled with self acceptance and forms of expression. Wanting to create but not entirely sure what path it would take.

I do believe we are still both on a journey, a creative path that for each of us is so different but has led us to this point in time, this T- intersection in the road that has found us both standing at the same spot at the same time. Confident in our own abilities and creative talent and wandering which path to walk down next.

Well I tell you, the path we have chosen is very exciting and I'm very proud and all tingly to share the results of our first collaboration.


Brought to you by Cathy Kirwan (aka Tinniegirl) and I.

Our first range, celebrating four pieces of art titled
Grow, Acts of love, Abundance and Surrender,
are available in store at Olive Grove studios
or online at Tinniegirl.

Working with my love of colors and Cathy's amazing use of color in her artwork has been an absolute joy.
The range so far incorporates earrings and rings,


and pendants.

Image via Tinniegirl on etsy

I just adore every piece we've made, and hope you do too.
Hooray for crafty collaborations.
Jay xx