Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A winter wonderland...

I most definitely have been lost in a winter wonderland these past few months. Pedal to the metal, and click clacking away to create some awesome winter goodies for the shop.
I do tend to withdraw from blogland a bit during these crazy periods, only to come back with a barrage of pics showcasing my labour of love to you all.

So let me show you all the goodness that has made it's way down to the Grove from the land of Finki.

Firstly these very cool scarves.

They made there way into the store quite early, prob back in March/April and I've been very slack to have not introduced you to them sooner. I call them the 'loopy 4 you scarves'. They are essentially one big loop, that can be worn many ways. A single loop, a double loop, a cowl or a reverse cowl pinned with your fave brooch.
The best part about these is they are made by my mum.

Although my basket here is quite musky in hues, there is a huge range of colors, Black, greens, reds, charcoal and teals too. They tend to walk out the door faster then mum can make them. But we are always restocking.

After too many frosty mornings I decided to make some fingerless gloves...

...and have continued to make lots of Finki clothes.
New skirts, cardis, 3/4 sleeve tee's and tunics.
All adorned with the coolest scarves by mum.
See the foray into Fair isle knits and extra wide loopy scarfs too.

Couldn't go past this awesome deer knit, to make up a few cushions and scarves...

and my most recent addition dropped off yesterday is this story in a fun charcoal text print.
I've called it the Typo range as the fabric has lots of letters in different fonts on it.
Always love a bit of text in fashion.

The skirt design is new for me. It's shorter and narrower than usual .... still flattering over all them lovely curves....and has a fun rouged effect on one side. I've also done a 3/4 sleeve tee which is a new pattern for me too. The sleeve finishes at your elbow and has a generous midsection to nicely fit those of us who are not the perfect hourglass. Lastly ....lots of new things... is the tunic. Tis the one I'm wearing on the left. Same neckline and sleeves as the tee but longer in the body, finishing in a generous Aline. The idea is that you can throw it on and it will fit around your bust and waist but flow over the belly and hips. so no need to cover up.

I am wearing mine with a wool vest here, more for warmth then anything. Tis' a vest i had out last year which is in the process of being reworked for a 2011 Finki vest, coming soon.

So Yay, lots of exciting things keeping me busy...

I haven't even covered the jewellery, but rather then bore you with more and more, I've started a products page. It's the tab up top titled 'the Finki range'.

As I take things into the shop, I'll add them onto that page, so you can see what I'm up to in Finki land with out having to entirely bore you by blogging constantly about new products. That way hopefully I can get back to blogging about craft and life, whilst still maintaining a work page for those who like a sticky beak or possibly even get as excited as I do about new stuff.

Jay xx