Thursday, May 28, 2009

How did the market go!

I haven't been holding back on telling you all about my latest market endeavor, I promise. Just needed some spare time and new batteries for the camera to show you the goodies I bought.

The Sonny and Coco market was on Sunday just gone and it was a big turnout.
Lot's of stall holders and a real mix of offerings. Some vintage, some gorgeous craft, and some second hand rubbish. (even with the Savers tag still on)

Unfortunately no yummy BBQ or salad bar, so I went hungry.
There was one cupcake/muffin seller but I'm trying so hard to be I just couldn't bring myself to do it.

If you know ANY food vendors that do scrummy savory food, we need them. Every market I go to is desperate for lunch type stall holders. There is a lot of white tape with food and hygiene certification, but if you know peep's that have been pondering whether or not to take the plunge and get certified, tell them they would have plenty of events ready and willing to take them on.

Back to the market.
Surprisingly for me it was my best market yet. I never count my money till I get home and do an inventory. Then I get an accurate picture of what sold. It ended up being our most profitable so far. I was really amazed, extremely happy of course, but bewildered too.

I had added three new product ranges since my last venture (baskets, fabric pendants and earrings) and decided to bring all the knitwear along, that may have been why!

I hope to continually reinvent my product and keep it fresh, so that every visit to a Finki stall brings something new. Next time I'm introducing bracelets and brooches.

So................................ on to the goodies.

I grabbed this awesome cowboy fabric, with the intention of using it to make a quilt for Finn. I saw the lovliest one at the market, but I would have had to trade 20 items with the seller just so I could afford it. So I decided to make one myself. I've always loved this fabric and was wrapt when I saw it at the table of my neighbour, peta pledger.

My other neighbour, Scented Sisters, tantalized my nostrils all day with the most divine smelling soaps. So we did a trade and i got these fab soaps. Apple & cinnamon and lemon myrtle & geranium. They look good enough to eat.

Lastly, I traded with another talented seller, Roz Mcquillan, promoting her photography and art on block canvasses. You know I love art that can stand on a shelf, and I couldn't go past this graffiti pussycat and owl, so bold and beautiful amongst all that purple.

So all in all it was a good day.
The oranizers do need to work on there image and selection process, and definately on getting bigger tables, but for me, it's close to home. I'm a part of the Darebin community and know a lot of people in the area, so I felt at home. I'd definately do it again.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Vote for me on Etsy...

Oooooh, I'm sooooo excited.
Doin' the happy dance right now!

I got a lovely little email this morning, to tell me that my phantom card holder, had been selected in a poll for the best Fathers day presents.

So there is five days to cast your vote. Best news, I'm not the only Aussie....Inner earth soaps and wiccked are there, just to name a few. So pop on over and support us little old Aussies on the big old Etsy poll.

I feel like dancin', dancin.....

Monday, May 25, 2009

Bubba chenille for my bub......

What better way to start the day then with a parcel in the post.
Today the mailman brought me some Bubbachenille goodies.

I've always loved those funky chenille pants you can get for little ones, but never wanted to pay the exuberant prices I see on them in Melbourne up cycled boutiques. Little ones grow so quickly, and my income is so little, that I really don't like paying too much for something that may only be worn once or twice.

Lucky for me I came across bubbachenille, a Brisbane based crafter that has breathed new life into Finns little wardrobe at an affordable price.

He's the spunky new owner of the cuddliest little pants, with matching starry singlets. For winter I'll layer the singlets over his body suits then team them with boardies in summer.

Ofcourse he's a zoom zoom zoomer always on the go, so my photo's a little blurry, but you can get a good idea of the absolute cuteness of it all.

Might need some big blue ones for me!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Newbies for this weekends market..........

As always the week leading up to market is a whirlwind of creativity an production. Maybe signing up to do one market a month isn't such a bad idea after all. It definitely keeps me on my toes and challenges me to constantly reinvent my stalls appeal by introducing new and exciting products.

On the drawing board this month and ready to go for the Sonny & Coco Market on Sunday are my new range of earrings, as posted about recently, and......very exciting...........a new stitched basket.

I have been playing around with a few shapes that I liked the look of, some more round, some hexagon, but I've settled on this ever so cute curvy, squarish one.

It has a square base, curvy sides, and a scalloped lid. I made my prototype out of pages recycled from a 70's how to sew book. It makes me cry to cut up books, but this one was damaged and beyond repair, so I've kept it to salvage what I can. So really it's not book murder, rather book saviour.

I'm so happy with the result, all curviliscious and practical too. Perfect for your colored cotton reels and favourite needles, or your bangles and jewels or of course the old fave, full of lollies.

I'll have all the favourites at my stall including a new selection of gift cards, so if you are in the neighbourhood do drop in.

The market is close to the high st Tram, and a little walk from Preston station. The Library is around the corner for the kids to hang out at, and there are a few de lish coffee and cake spots on High, like The fire station Cafe/Gallery at 378 high st, Preston.

They do the best breakfasts, and I dare you to try the taste tempter No doubt inspired by Elvis 'the king'. It's a toasted peanut butter and banana sandwhich, topped with bacon and honey...Yumm!

You'll see these talented peep's there too:

Flicketty splits
Rabbit& the Duck
Konstant Kaos
The Lark
Kids with crayons

and much.....much.....more!
Pop by and support this new market in Preston. It would be lovely to see it become regular, so we all have another shopping hot spot in the Northern suburbs.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Finally the wedding photo's are ready.......

A few weeks back Ben & Jess got married having Kierah as there flower girl.
I've been hanging out for the professional photo's to be ready to see how they captured my non posing, anti girly girl daughter.
The photographer Lizzy, was so nice to work with and I was mighty envious of her big, beautiful camera. We got to see a sneak preview of Lizzy's work with pics taken of Ben and Jess pre wedding. They were so natural, capturing such warmth and affection. We knew the wedding ones would be worth the wait.

What she does too, which I think is really clever, is present the portfolio of the days pictures as an online gallery. The bride and groom then give the special password for the gallery to there friends and family, so they can chose pics for themselves. That' s so good.
I'm sure you know the frustration of getting all dolled up to go out, just to be the one behind the camera taking pics of everyone else and never having nice ones to share of hubby and you. Usually in this instance the bride and groom might have a copy of all the pics for them selves, but you miss out.

So I was really excited to have the opportunity to buy some for myself.

I've chosen just enough to have a beautiful memento of the day, and the photo's...............they are just glorious. We couldn't have hoped for anything better. Here's one of Kierah pre wedding, at Jess's house. It's just so serene. Just beautiful.
I also chose one out of the shot's Jess and Ben had alone, as the one to frame for the house. It's just so quirky and cute, which really suits them to a tee. No cliches', no running through the beach and holding hands. Just honest and so in love.

If you're looking for a photographer for any special event, I highly recommend Lizzy. Her professionalism, creativity, talent and ability to capture such natural and timeless images is paramount. So, so happy with the pics of our little girl.

A little bit of opp shopping.......

Finally had my first Friday off with Ty, whilst kids were at school and creche.
High on our agenda was a movie. I'm sure it's been a good 6 months since we saw a movie together. It's all about DVDs on the couch these days.
That way we don't have to worry about baby sitters e.t.c
Ty's chose Stark trek, bit of a boy thing but it was really good. Spunky main character and not to many black holes and parallel universes to confuse me. So it was all good.

On to a yummy lunch of chicken and veggie laksa, then what day is complete without a spot of opp shopping to score a bargain or two.

Movies were at highpoint, so we travelled back past Sydney Rd and popped into good old Savers.
For those of you who don't know, Ty and I met at Savers 10 years ago. He was the furniture guy, and I was a cashier. So it's always a blast from the past to shop there.

Today's adventure uncovered a shiny torch,

and this old clock:

A huge piece of retro fabric in browns and yellows and some cookie jars.

The cutest little sesame st beanbag chair, which I'm sure could well be mine from when I was little. I sometimes wonder if things travel around from house to house then come full circle and end up back where they started. You never know.
Next, another golden hands book.

I love the illustrations throughout, and just have to laugh at the page on how to iron your husbands shirt!

As if.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Low down on the bead and gem show......

Today I popped in to the Bead & Gem show at the showgrounds.
My intention was to find some suppliers that were local, so I could reduce the amount of finding and beading supplies that I buy on Etsy from America.
I decided to fork out triple the normal visitors fee, so I could enter with a privileged wholesaler badge thinking maybe it would clarify to sellers that Yes I'm serious about craft, and would be a repeat customer who buys lots.

Although I was proud as punch to wear my little badge it was a waste of money.
Nearly every shop was offering wholesale prices to everyone, along the lines of spend $5o and get it at wholesale, which oddly were the prices already marked!
So i may as well have just paid my $11 and got exactly the same bargains. Even when I ventured to ask about wholesalers discount if I shopped with them online, they looked me up and down and said "Yes you can......first you must submit forms, a.b.n's, references and your first born to get approval, then spend hundreds in each order"
So submitting forms, a.b.n.s and references just to get my special little badge today, meant nothing to them. Lesson learnt there!

At one stall I actually picked up three cinnabar feature beads that had $4 stickers on them and when I went to pay she said Oh you can't get wholesale for a total under $50.
I figured she looked at my badge and assumed I wanted it for less. I said" no, that's fine I realise I'm only getting a few, I'll just pay the price on them, I don't expect them for less. She went off and whispered to the other lady, came back and said o.k that'll be $26.00...... Now I know I'm not to good at math, but 3 x 4 doesn't equal $26. Hmmm, I say. Is that right? the sticker says $4. Ohh no that is the wholesale price.!!!! So today, when they are open to the general public they have wholesale prices on their beads and expect you all to spend over $50 to be eligible for the sticker price!!!!!!!
Suffice to say, that experience left a bad taste in my mouth. I did not buy them, and I did not take a card.

On a brighter note, the display of gems was glorious and some of the stallholders were really lovely. Alas gemstones are something I would only buy as a little treat for myself, not something I'd buy to sell.
So really it was just a day of collecting business cards, for some of the sellers that have online shops with findings I might use. I have to check them out and compare prices to Over the rainbow which is where I tend to get everything at present. I'll let you know if any look any good.

The one highlight for me was a stall called bbbeads. They sell funky little resin shapes with kimono fabric embedded in them. I've seen an add of thiers in a beading mag, so it was nice to see it up close. I could have bought 1 of everything, but as it was my little stash added up to $60. Unfortunately there wholesale prices didn't start until you either spent $500 or bought 500 things I cant remember which, I sorta tuned out because it was way out of my budget either way.

Oh I did find a guy that did watch faces too, I have a few I got from U.S waiting for me to make funky bands, so It's good I can go local for them. They are double in price, but once you do the dollar conversion then add shipping, it sort of evens out.

So yeah, if your after delicious gems, and some really unique beads do drop in, but set yourself a budget, cause if you try to qualify for discount (which is tempting) you're pockets will be empty in no time.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

On the drawing board today.......

Well today I finally got to sit down and upload some stock in to my Etsy shop.
It's such a big process. Mainly because I keep putting it off. Then the pile of things grow and instead of photographing, editing, describing and listing 3 or 4 things I tend to have 30 or 40 to do all at once.
So it ends up being a day of photography, a day of choosing images, brightening and cropping them. Then another day of descriptions and uploading.
I know I whinge about it all the time but......can't I just make stuff.
I guess, really, that's not gunna make me any money is it.....and if I want to support myself enough to become one of those quit your day job stories, I guess I need to buckle down and follow through from A to Z.

So today I uploaded all my card holders, yay. Shops looking all bright and new again.

Still to go:
Scissor holders
Recipe card holders

I just have to chip away at it little bit at a time, otherwise Etsy takes over and I forget to feed my family!

Here's a group pic of my new earrings. Fabric covered delights and a few vintage beads for good measure. I know that covered buttons is a medium a few sellers use, but I strive to make 99% of mine out of vintage and up cycled fabrics, so you know you can shop here for bright retro and vintage prints, and all the other button sellers will satisfy your feminine, oriental, or cute and quirky desires.

I decided to work on backing cards today too. As I really need different shape cards for different needs and the thought of going to local printers for swing tags, product stickers, earring cards, pendant cards, and business cards......was just to frightening. I know they'd want me to get 500 of each and pay all these horrendous fees, so I decided that whilst I'm still small fry and only need 30 of this or that, I gotta do it myself.

I've always loved the natural, recycled look, and I think it fits in with my vintage and recycled products. So far I've only done earring and pendant cards, so I'll have to work on the rest as needed to keep the look streamlined.

Well....back to the drawing board for me. Mumma needs an oxy-acetylene torch and it aint gunna buy itself!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

7 days of loot, glorious loot finale.....

So our 7 days of loot, glorious loot organized by tinnie girl has come to an end.
Of course I've kept the best for last.

Food, glorious, food.

We need it, to grow up big and strong, so why not make sure every morsel put into your mouth, is nutritious and delicious. Why not?
Cause nutritious = blandishious. There's only so much salad, and veggies one can bare before we throw all good intentions in the bin and hit the takeaway trail with gusto.

Just when I couldn't stand the thought of another steamed veggie, I found a new spice range to save the day. Max & Dex.

My baked sweet potatoes smothered in a scrumptious herb loves garlic spice blend were transformed and then I turned that bland grilled chicken into a taste bud delight when marinated in the sensational backyard blend.

Proudly, and perfectly blended in the beautiful Yarra valley, is this exciting new range of blends and marinades to spice up your life. Preservative free and all natural, you can't go wrong.

From fennel spice rub for your seafood, to cocoa crust for your pork there is just so much to choose from.
I've had the pleasure of trialing some marinade in a bag prototypes, and It has honestly given my little health kick just what it needed to keep me on track. Turned my boring grilled chicken into a meal sensation I kid you not.
I savoured every bite................

And what better way to top off a perfect meal, than with some delicious gingerbread. This lovely stash from Cathie at Melbourne epicure is just the best gingerbread you're gunna try.

Happy mothers day, to all you crafty mothers.

I've had fun spending 7 days sharing all the loot I've acquired over the last month. A lot of it was due to the generous nature of fellow marketeers that traded with me. I'm so glad that I've had the opportunity to meet so many crafty peeps, and look forward to meeting many more.

Long live handmade and micro business.
Support the little guys, one day it could be you.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Day 6 of loot.

For day 6's post of 7 days of Loot, glorious loot, I'm taking you into the bedroom.

Who ever thought I'd get sooo personal when I started blogging!

Don't worry.

It's nothing from the X rated stores, just more of my fabulous goodies that have ranked so high on the I-love-it-so-much-o- meter that they have been taken into the bedroom.
The retreat, the palace, the boudoir.
If I was in 'The Castle' I'd be saying, these ones........go straight to the pool room.

Firstly is my new owl. His body is a funky retro swirl and stripe, his eyes a brocade in sage, wit purple buttons peeping out. A glorious mishmash of fabrics, in all my favourite colors.
Originally I had seen a birdie at miss flickettysplits market stall in Thornbury, that I loved. He almost came home with me, but the day got away from me and before you knew it, it was time to pack up. I vowed to head over earlier at the next one so I didn't miss out.
To my delight this little owl was there drenched in me'ness hooting out to be taken home. T'was love at first sight and it was definitely straight to the pool room for this one.

Hubby asked on the way home, if it was for our son Finn. Not this one baby. He's mine.
Alas....who do you think gets his little mitts on it whenever he can.

Next is this fabulous, just fabulous bowl that I picked up at the trash n' treasure in Coburg.
The color is amazing, the shape and texture is just Divine. It also lives in the bedroom, pride of place on the dresser.

It's slowly being filled with all my favourite jewels. The seller said she had hundreds of pieces of this glassware at home (drool) and had decided to part with some of it............I'm so glad.

I've been back a few times hoping she'd have some more, but no luck. I can't complain. I got one at least.

Tomorrow's loot will be taking us into the kitchen.
To check out more looters visit tinniegirl.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Day 5 and still going strong!

Ti's day 5 of Loot, glorious loot, and there's still more goodies to show and tell.
Today it's back to accessories. Where would I be without them.

I finally bowed to my inner urge of needing one of those necklaces with chunky vintage beads. What draws me to them aside from the vintage appeal and bold block colors, is the unevenness of it all. The red flower sorta sits off centre. Very cute.

When I design, everything is mirrored left to right. If I did try to break the mold of matching pairs, I would fear strangers approaching me and saying, you put odd earrings on today darl. But I do love the look.

Haven't ventured out into the miss matched earrings as yet, but when I do I'm lovin' these.

Next is another curlypops original, shades of silver/grey and purple, with a scrumptiously textured button finishing it off perfectly. I see she has some more crazy stitching in the progress in shades of red. Hopefully it becomes another fab brooch for me to choose. Can't get enough of them.

Now a market is not complete without another addition from buttons by loulou. This time her Little babushkas on denim captured my heart.

Finally some shoes for Finn. I love purple on little boy's and this design with a black bat by Konstant Kaos is just the bee's knees. I would have taken a picture with them on, but they are already in the wash after 5 days straight of new shoe love and baby boy adventures. That's probably the best part, that you can wash them, and dadaa! Like new again.

Back tomorrow for part 6 of loot, where I'll be taking you into the bedroom. Oooooh.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Day 4 of Loot, glorious loot.

Well for today's entry of 7 days of loot, glorious loot, organized by the fabulous Tinniegirl I have decided to bring you into the bathroom.

So often my crafty splurges are accessories, accessories and yes even more accessories. Bangles, pendants, rings, studs and a recent addition, hair pins.
I guess my love of accessories stems from the fact that my clothes are some what ordinary....ooh such a nasty word. O.k conservative, no still not quite right, ummm lets say classic basics. Yeah that's better.
So, for me accessories are my avenue of self expression. All the fun, color and quirkiness come out in the little bits I buy to complete my look. Tis' a look that is still evolving, as I sometimes feel I'm held back from truly presenting myself the way I would like, as I don't fit into the designer shop clothes. I tells yah, if the designers at Lupa in Westgarth, went to a size 20, I'd be in heaven. Totally broke, but in heaven.

Thank god for all the fabulous crafty accessory designers out there.
One size fits all. I Love you.

Oh Yes, I was taking you into the bathroom today, back to the subject at hand.

So, my glorious loot today is some of my finds at the Thornbury Market on the weekend. My stall neighbour was the lovely Sarah from Shameful, with an amazing display of shower caps. The fabrics used were just divine, so bright, bold and many retro inspired.

Once in the shower I do tend to always wet my hair, but....sometimes, just sometimes, late at night in the middle of winter, I have been know to turn the lights down low, amp up the heater and sink into a hot bubbly bath.
Now you don't want to go to bed with wet hair, do yah!

So in comes my fabuloso, positively gorgeous new shower cap. It was so hard to decide which color to get. And yes I did try them on in the mirror, to help me decide. Why?......I'm not quite sure. Cause, ain't no one gunna see me in the bath. Just me, hot hot water, some bubbles and the best shower cap ever!
Continuing the bathroom theme, next I have my new flannels. Two face washers lovingly crotchet around the edges, also from Thorbury market.
Old age pending, or something like that, has made my skin change from it's usual youthful oiliness. Now I have dry patches on my face.
It's all down hill they say.
So after experimenting with different exfoliates, I can testify that my daily face wash on a face washer has proved to be a better exfoliate than anything else I've tried so far.

Thank god for Nana's continuing the lost art of crotchet edged flannels.

Stay tuned tomorrow for more product updates, and day 5's offering of loot, glorious loot.
My best is yet to come.

Absence gave room for creativity to flourish...

My absence in blog land for 2 weeks out of this month was to take stock, refocus and put the hard yard in with some new designs.
I'm making up for my time away by taking part in tinniegirls 7 days of loot glorious loot. (I'll have day fours offering for ye'all a little later)

For now, I need to show off some of my new products.
Locals would have had a sneak preview at the Thornbury market on the weekend, but for my interstate and international comrades........check these out.
First up are these fabulous scissor holders. I created them as a special place to hold your number one scissors. You know the ones that no-one is allowed to touch.
Growing up I remember needing to cut up sticky tape, and egg cartons for sculptural masterpieces in grade 3. Now, as an 8 year old, my only thought when looking for tools of the trade where merely 'if it cuts, it'll do' I didn't know why mum's special scissors were any different to the orange handled ones I could never find. Well actually the one noticeable difference was the look on mums face when I got caught using the singer shears!!!! Runnnnn........

Now of course, I have become my mother in so many ways, especially imitating that look on my face if anyone.....anyone I tells yah, touches my special scissors. Ye'all know that you may as well forget about cutting chiffon if your tools of the trade have been cutting up egg cartons.
Oh, you know my other scissor problem. When I really really need them, they hide. Off with the odd socks I think.
So now a beautiful, funky and oh so useful scissor holder to hang on the wall behind your machine, safe and sound.Next I turned my attention to a much needed recipe card holder. Much needed as I have recently begun a healthy eating plan. Not so much a traditional diet, to lose weight, but more of a well being plan. I've just been so run down lately. 33 turning 55. Know that feeling?

It would be silly of me to go to a Doctor or nutritionist when I know full well that I'm not drinking my water, that fruit and vegetables rot in the crisper whilst I chow down on chocolate and bread, glorious bread.
So yeah, major overhaul needed, to start putting the good things back in. First of I pulled out all the recipe books. 20 or more, I kid you not. All with little bit's of paper sticking out. So me thinks there's got to be a better way.

The recipe card holder was born. Now all your favourite recipes can be in one place. Doesn't take up much space on the bench and is categorised to easily find the one your after. Even better is the fact you can pull out the one card you need, and work off that instead of trying to balance a cook book on your little work space. The cards are lined so you can write up you own, but you could also glue on ones you'd cut out of a magazine.
Perfect timing too was the release of this little cookbook from Northcote Primary, my daughters school. It's a collaboration of favourite recipes from families at the school. My favourite is the 'hummus with hidden veggies' you know we gotta squeeze them in where we can.

Lastly on the stitching front is a range of store/loyalty card holders. Finally!!!
I have had my prototype in test mode for months now, and couldn't be happier.
I've learnt that my everyday cards must stay in my purse, think license, credit, debit and all the rest go in the holder. From the video, library and lay by cards to the big city chic, doctor and hairdressers cards. You can't believe how streamlined and lightweight my purse is now.

The holder comes with a hook and ring to attach it to your handbag inner or outer zip, so you don't need to go fishing around the bottom.

I'll be trying my up most to upload these to my Etsy store over the next few days. Home with bubba, so sometimes things take a little longer than planned.

Keep posted for my next update on loot, glorious loot and tomorrow some more of my new products.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Day 3, of 7 days of Loot, glorious loot.

For today's offering of Loot, glorious loot organised by tinniegirl, I decided to step away from my love of accessories, just for a day, to show you some of the photographic art that I've found.

I often see photographers at the markets I do, and to be honest they don't draw much of a crowd. Maybe people are still in the frame of mind that photographers just do cheesy family portraits, and happy newlyweds. But really that little black box, in the right hands can capture the most amazing visual images. You know, even when the work of a certain photographer does appeal, and gets you to linger at the stall a bit longer, most of the displays I've seen present prints in a plastic slips, leaving you the work of finding a frame and possibly a matt to finish it off before it can be hung and admired at home. Too much hard work!

So when I came across the work of Angela McConnell, mounted on various sized blocks, ready to stand on a shelf or hang, I was sold. The guess work of presentation was taken out, so that all I had to do was pick the ones that spoke to me.
You know I'm always drawn to pattern, color and texture. I found myself wanting more than one, so I could create a little collage. Firstly I chose a black image with a raised impression of a silver dragonfly, then a black print of the underside of an umbrella showing the structural and elegant framework and lastly some color to break it up. A fabulous bright red oriental umbrella with a little embroidered green leaf on it.
I was so wrapped with my little collection, and even more excited that I could go home and hang it straight away.
Slowly my walls are filling with original artwork, and I find it fascinating that two people can look at the same piece and see something so different. For me what might represent freedom, and choice, could represent to you, confusion and loneliness. Art really is in the eye of the beholder.
This image at first appealed to me because of it's wonderful bluey green hues. Then the shape, form and repetition drew me in. The coldness and purity of the metal reflecting light here and there arouses a wonder of what sound it would make if the wind blew. Then I read that it was taken at a Memorial for fallen soldiers along the freedom trail in Boston and my heart fills with sadness.

That's what art is for me, images that stir emotion. Happiness, sadness, or wonderment. Whether your medium is a paintbrush, clay, paper, fabric or a camera, bringing something out of your heart and sharing it with the world is priceless.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Day two of loot....

More loot,glorious loot to show and tell.

Today's stash is more of my finds at the fabulous Sisters Market in Brunswick. I'm a sucker for anything bright and a little bit different, so when I spotted these fabulous bangles I was straight on over to squeeze my fat wrist in and pray they fit.

I love, love, love bangles, but have a big wrists, which are in perfect proportion to my big everything else, sooo they never fit. I'm sure the poor stall holders see me comin' and think, don't even try girlfriend. But I do, every time! Never give up hope.
I think that surely there are sellers and makers out there just like me, who model they're products on themselves, and if they have big wrists I'm in luck.

Well this time I was in luck. They are papier mache bangles, in fun vibrant shades to liven up all the winter outfits coming out of the wardrobe of late.

Next is this fab brooch by 'kids with crayons', in spotty pinks and reds with an illustration done by one of the sellers kids on it. I have used some of kierah' s pics in my journals, gift cards and jewellery, and just love the way kids pics have such innocence and playfulness about them.

Lastly some more ponytail elastics for Kierah by 'miss piggy tales'. I couldn't go past these echidna's on such a bright blue, and retro looking apples.

Back tomorrow for day 3 of loot with some lovely work by a local photographer.
...............and day 4, I finally get to show you my stash from Thornbury Market on the weekend.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Loot, glorius loot......where to begin?

Well, I have so much catching up to do with y'all after my 2 week hiatus from blog land, that I thought tinniegirls idea of 7 days of loot, glorious loot would be a perfect way of covering all my shopping adventures of late.

But.............where oh where to begin.

I've had two stalls at fabulous local markets where I picked up heaps of glorious handmade goodies. Then there's my usual op shopping adventures, and weekend trash n' treasures.
I think I'll back track to my day at the sisters market on the 20th.
My main aim for the day, aside from hoping to make a few quid, was to buy some birthday presents for my sister in law.

She's effortlessly trendy, and loves all things vintage. So I couldn't go past these goodies.
A library bag featuring a funky Vogue pattern cover of a 50's diva in plaid. The chunky glasses she's wearing sold me on this one. The seller (so sorry I forget to get a business card, so I can't tell you her name) also had the best selection of gift cards with old romance novel art work on them.A little birdie brooch, and some handmade soap smelling ever so sweetly of cinnamon and pudding, was just right to fill the parcel for gift giving. Of course I nabbed a lemon Myrtle soap for me too. Such an invigorating scent. It gets me every time.

I picked up much more at The Sisters Market, but you'll have to pop back tomorrow for day two's report on Loot, glorious loot.