Thursday, May 7, 2009

Day 4 of Loot, glorious loot.

Well for today's entry of 7 days of loot, glorious loot, organized by the fabulous Tinniegirl I have decided to bring you into the bathroom.

So often my crafty splurges are accessories, accessories and yes even more accessories. Bangles, pendants, rings, studs and a recent addition, hair pins.
I guess my love of accessories stems from the fact that my clothes are some what ordinary....ooh such a nasty word. O.k conservative, no still not quite right, ummm lets say classic basics. Yeah that's better.
So, for me accessories are my avenue of self expression. All the fun, color and quirkiness come out in the little bits I buy to complete my look. Tis' a look that is still evolving, as I sometimes feel I'm held back from truly presenting myself the way I would like, as I don't fit into the designer shop clothes. I tells yah, if the designers at Lupa in Westgarth, went to a size 20, I'd be in heaven. Totally broke, but in heaven.

Thank god for all the fabulous crafty accessory designers out there.
One size fits all. I Love you.

Oh Yes, I was taking you into the bathroom today, back to the subject at hand.

So, my glorious loot today is some of my finds at the Thornbury Market on the weekend. My stall neighbour was the lovely Sarah from Shameful, with an amazing display of shower caps. The fabrics used were just divine, so bright, bold and many retro inspired.

Once in the shower I do tend to always wet my hair, but....sometimes, just sometimes, late at night in the middle of winter, I have been know to turn the lights down low, amp up the heater and sink into a hot bubbly bath.
Now you don't want to go to bed with wet hair, do yah!

So in comes my fabuloso, positively gorgeous new shower cap. It was so hard to decide which color to get. And yes I did try them on in the mirror, to help me decide. Why?......I'm not quite sure. Cause, ain't no one gunna see me in the bath. Just me, hot hot water, some bubbles and the best shower cap ever!
Continuing the bathroom theme, next I have my new flannels. Two face washers lovingly crotchet around the edges, also from Thorbury market.
Old age pending, or something like that, has made my skin change from it's usual youthful oiliness. Now I have dry patches on my face.
It's all down hill they say.
So after experimenting with different exfoliates, I can testify that my daily face wash on a face washer has proved to be a better exfoliate than anything else I've tried so far.

Thank god for Nana's continuing the lost art of crotchet edged flannels.

Stay tuned tomorrow for more product updates, and day 5's offering of loot, glorious loot.
My best is yet to come.


  1. We have matching crocheted face washers!

  2. The shower cap is gorgeous. I loved your scissor holders that you posted about in the previous post too.


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