Tuesday, May 12, 2009

On the drawing board today.......

Well today I finally got to sit down and upload some stock in to my Etsy shop.
It's such a big process. Mainly because I keep putting it off. Then the pile of things grow and instead of photographing, editing, describing and listing 3 or 4 things I tend to have 30 or 40 to do all at once.
So it ends up being a day of photography, a day of choosing images, brightening and cropping them. Then another day of descriptions and uploading.
I know I whinge about it all the time but......can't I just make stuff.
I guess, really, that's not gunna make me any money is it.....and if I want to support myself enough to become one of those quit your day job stories, I guess I need to buckle down and follow through from A to Z.

So today I uploaded all my card holders, yay. Shops looking all bright and new again.

Still to go:
Scissor holders
Recipe card holders

I just have to chip away at it little bit at a time, otherwise Etsy takes over and I forget to feed my family!

Here's a group pic of my new earrings. Fabric covered delights and a few vintage beads for good measure. I know that covered buttons is a medium a few sellers use, but I strive to make 99% of mine out of vintage and up cycled fabrics, so you know you can shop here for bright retro and vintage prints, and all the other button sellers will satisfy your feminine, oriental, or cute and quirky desires.

I decided to work on backing cards today too. As I really need different shape cards for different needs and the thought of going to local printers for swing tags, product stickers, earring cards, pendant cards, and business cards......was just to frightening. I know they'd want me to get 500 of each and pay all these horrendous fees, so I decided that whilst I'm still small fry and only need 30 of this or that, I gotta do it myself.

I've always loved the natural, recycled look, and I think it fits in with my vintage and recycled products. So far I've only done earring and pendant cards, so I'll have to work on the rest as needed to keep the look streamlined.

Well....back to the drawing board for me. Mumma needs an oxy-acetylene torch and it aint gunna buy itself!


  1. I so totally understand what you mean by the fees that local printers are asking for. Like yourself I only want to print 10 to 50 of something. The smaller the unit the higher the price. Ahhh. I so want to keep the printing done in Australia, so like yourself I am printing things myself. I really don't want to go down the road of printing in China. Keep jobs in Australia, that's what I say.
    BTW love the earrings, I can see a future present for my mum coming on.

  2. WOW, your new stuff looks fantastic!
    I bet it's such a long process for you but if it gets you to your dream faster then I guess it's all worth it.
    your things always look so good so I think you're doing fantastically.

  3. Love the vintage fabrics that you're using.
    I hate updating my shop... boring / slow / cumbersome... I just want to make stuff too!

  4. Your earrings are just gorgeous. And they almost look delicious in that dish! I understand your dilemma of 'a little now' or 'a lot later'.

    Your backing cards are perfect. And about the printing... maybe think about the time when you will need to get 500 printed and you can sit back and say.."remember when I printed these myself!".

  5. It's SOOO true. I just wanna make stuff! I've been meaning to put the rest of my stuff on Etsy for over a week, and cannot seem to find the time to do it. I must, I must, I must!

  6. I'll add my voice to the chorus. Just want to make things and make enough money to have an assistant do all the admin tasks. Wouldn't that be grand? I haven't updated the shop in ages for the same reason. Like you though I dream of quitting the day job so I'll have to get to it eventually.


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