Sunday, February 28, 2010

Circles challenge complete.....

So the end of February also brings around the end of this months design challenge. I don't know about you but those few less days we have in February seemed to make all the difference this month. Well that and possibly the many things going on in my little house at present that left little time for creating anything new.

But I could not let one month go by without having made a little something new.
I decided to hit the fabric stash for this months 'seeing circles' challenge and make a new necklace. I've been fabric wrapping bangles of late but wanted to use fabric somehow for necklaces. I thought of doing yo yo's but decided on pin wheels instead.Not entirely sure of how to do them I cut up a scrap of fabric and experimented with winding away.

Happy with how they were shaping up I pulled out some of my favourite red fabrics and got them ready for winding.

After each circle was done I just laid them out into a shape I liked, slip stitched them together and sewed on two loops to join the chain.

Dadah!..... Another challenge met.

I quite like the way it turned out and might make a few in different colors for the Northside Makers market.

How did you go for this months challenge?
Don't forget there are no fails in this challenge, so if you're only half done....carry on crafting and send me pics when you're done.

Back tomorrow to draw the new challenge theme for March...

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Circles here and circles there.....

A few more circle delights to round up the monthly design challenge for February.

Sue from diva jools created this amazing necklace out of a combination of laminex samples, pieces of plastic bowls, wire, rivets and Greek ceramic beads.

Created entirely from scratch right down to the custom toggle closure. Just gorgeous.

The lovely Nina from Norway lent her patch working talents to creating this fabulous mini art quilt titled " Ode to a turkey neck"

As much as I'd like to deny it, my side profile knows exactly what your talking about on this one....
Such fun Nina, thank you.

Next the lino queen, miss Betty Jo has taken lino to a new level and made some 'seeing circles' inspired earrings.

Very cool indeed.

Thanks for joining in everyone and don't forget there is still time to send your pics my way to be included in Feb's round up.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

seeing circles...

Lots of exciting new things are drifting into my inbox for this months design challenge.

Let me show you the first few to embrace the 'seeing circles' theme and turn it in to something fabulous.

Kris over at Missie Krissie made perfect silver circles and brought them together to create this amazing bangle.

I'm so jealous that she has the means to solder metal....and a pretty cool work space too. Well done Kris.

Next the talented Beky over at Pivx has created this fun graphic design...

Inspired by paper cut dolls, doesn't she look so mod in her spotty dress with matching bag, too cute.

Then we have Sarah-jo of Ideyspidey who has done a spot of refashioning

and transformed this basic black tee into a circleliscious delight. Lovin it!

From further afield...United Kingdom to be precise, the fantastic felted work of Jasmine at Natures whispers has taken a circle inspired direction too.

The layers and depth created in Jasmines work is purely magical. Thanks for joining in...

Plenty of time left to find inspiration this months 'seeing circles theme', so take you're time and be sure to share what you come up with.

Coming home...............

It's all go in my end of the world....
about to start packing up house for the big move, which is always fun starting fresh and setting up a new, but the packing and cleaning of the old one I'd much rather not do...

Also house hunting for little sis,who's making the big move from Queensland to Melbourne......finally!

I can't begin to express the disgust in how we were spoken to at so many real estates when trying to view available properties to rent. Lets just say, if you are looking for representation of your property you will not get the red carpet experience as promised from a certain real estate in Reservoir....Girls, I thought stories from our Spotlight experiences were bad....dealing with real estates takes the cake....

Moving on the long story short is that when mum and dad divorced 17 years ago, mum went to Queensland with 4 of my younger siblings.
As I was older and more established in Melbourne with work and partner, I stayed here...and so begun the frequent flyer points and thousands of dollars to see my family each year.

We have often felt torn and as though I should be there or my sister be here, but as time went on and we both started families it just got harder and harder to even think about.
When Kiz was little, we did give up Melbourne for a year to live in sunny Queensland but all that sun went to my head and I craved for days when I could wear boots, winter jackets and straighten my hair without instant humidity frizzing it and of course a good old Melbourne cafe.....there's none like them.
So after a year we realised that although Queensland was a lovely place to visit, it wasn't home for us. So we came home.

Continuing on, we lived similar lives in separate states.

I'd dye my hair blonde and call to tell sis only to hear her too I did it today, I'd start a health kick to get fit and call her to find out she'd just started one too. I'd buy a new sewing machine, make a range of journals, ring to say I was pregnant and talk about how I wanted to do a clothing range for bigger girls....... and she'd say..... me too!
A million miles away and living separate lives we always had so much in common and were always drawn in a similar direction.

So finally, 14 years on, we will be back together.

Sure we'll fight..that's what sisters do, sure she'll eat my food and make me go for walks at 6 in the morning, and sure as sure I'll be miss bossy boots cranky pants far too often, but I'll also get to see my niece and nephew more than once a year, I'll be able to pop over for Sunday brunch, I'll be able to give her a real hug when life suxs.....

A lot has changed, but a lot has stayed the same.

Manda will be joining 'Finki' as head pattern maker and co designer of an exciting new clothing label, but more importantly,
my little sis is coming home......

Thursday, February 11, 2010

A cushion or four......

On the drawing board this week is a project that has been on the cards for quite some time.....Patchwork cushions.

I've been saving up the offcuts from my souvenir tea towel stools till I had a healthy stash worthy of bundling together for a cushion or four!

I tend to work in color blocks so decided that was the way to go. I ended up with oranges, blues, reds and greens, all my favorites.

I have plenty more to make but I thought 4 was a nice amount to have ready for my stall on Saturday at Sisters Market.

Do pop by if you're in the neighborhood.
Also displaying there crafty delights on Saturday will be:

and many more..........

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Market goodies....

Another market day done and dusted. The first for the year...

Photos by Mrs. Beckinsale.

It was perfect weather, a beautiful display of handmade wonder on show and a relatively rested me. I think I hit the hay at 10.30 the night before. Very unusual for moi, but I did tell my self there would be no more late nighters before market day, so I'm holding true on that one.

I was tempted by far too much of the fabulous goodies on display. I could have come home with double the amount, but I'll save some for next Northside Makers on March 13th.

For now, here are the things I could not resist:

Spunkiest jammies for Finn, that I ever did see by :Little cooties.

An irresistible fish with soap in his tummy by: Twisted stitches.

Some spunky red booties by: Konstant Kaos

A bag or two from the lovely Krin, who had her work on the collective table.

This beautiful felted necklace which perfectly matched my purple top on the day. Made by: Alannah banana designs.

A much coveted bobbin badge by the lovely Mrs.Beckinsale.....

and lastly but not leastly this fabulous notepad inspired by the eye charts of old but much more aptly using crafty words galore. This ones by the clever Beky over at Pivotal Xpressions.

Pop on over to the Northside Makers blog to see more pics of market day and if you'd like to join in on the fun, applications are now open for March's market...

Monday, February 8, 2010

Love is in the air....

Inspired by all the Valentines day reminders around, I decided to do a small range of Finki inspired gift cards perfect for the day.
A little bit retro, a lot bit colorful...I luvs them all.

They are a combination of modern scrap booking papers, retro art and my own graphic designs.

For a limited time, these cuties are available exclusively in my little space at Handmade Heaven.
Pop in to the shop or drop Liesa a line if you must have one for your sweet valentine....

Friday, February 5, 2010

Market day tomorrow.....

Not much blogging going on this week as I'm busy making new stuff for the Northside Makers market tomorrow. If you're in the neighborhood , do pop down and say hello.

Check out all the stallholders coming, over at the Northside blog

Once again there will be free balloons, and craft table activities for the kids, as well as badge making, a sausage sizzle and a face painter from 10:30 - 2:30.

Northside Makers Market
Saturday 6th Feb
9.30am - 2.30 pm
251 High St, Northcote

Hope to see yah there!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

How'd you make that box.......

I've been slack in posting more creations from the January design theme.
I must assure you that coming in on the 33rd of January, Liesl was definitely in time for submitting her work......

She has turned her hand to some origami and made this fun little box. Even better is the fact that she posted a tutorial for us, so we can all have a go.

Check it out on her blog Hoppo Bumpo.

I have seen some stallholders who make these little beauties to present there wares in and often wondered how to make them... So I'm sure gunna give it a try.

Thanks so much for sharing Liesl.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Dadadadaaaa.....and Feb's theme is......

Number 10.
The lucky winner is number ten.

Lets back track to our list of choices and see what it is.....

In no apparent order:
1: Planes, trains and automobiles
2: Turning Japanese
3: Weird science
4: Birds of fancy
5: Music and dance
7:Wild west
8: Fantastic Flora
Edited to add some great suggestions, (thanks Gypsy)
9: food, glorious food................. (why didn't I think of that!)
10: Seeing circles
11: It's hip to be a square.
(imagine the interpretations...cubism art, square shaped teddy bears, the 1950's dag)
Some more great additions, (thanks Margaret)
12: Steam punk
13: Technological
More ideas..(thanks Fab and Jennie)
14: European travels
15: The great vacation
16:I see red, I see red, I see red....(or whatever color we choose this month)
17: Space....the final frontier.
18: Circus
20:The animal kingdom
21:Our furry friends
More ideas....thanks Cam
23:Outer space

'Seeing circles' is the theme for February's monthly design challenge.

Take your time, sit on it for a while and don't's the limit. You can make anything you want inspired by 'seeing circles'
Jewellery, clothes, graphic designs, wood carvings, candles, paintings, shoes......

Think outside the box and stretch your imagination.
Here's some inspiration to get you going:

Circle ring by: Arosha
Get up and go, blue red print by: Papermoth
Doggie love by: Bunny with a tool belt
Green blue flower purse by: Oktak
Button up dot dress by: Maisy Brown
Lots of dots pitcher by: Ninainvorm
Spots ans stripes bunting by: The paper tie affair
Blue lagoon porcelain bracelet by: Roundrabbit
Felted slippers by: Made in Mongolia

Don't forget Beginning of February's theme doesn't mean the end Of Jan's.
If you're still going on you 'turning Japanese' inspired piece, Don't give up. There are no fails in this challenge.
I'm thinking that come December, we'll have a real life exhibition of all the works submitted throughout the year. So finish them when you can and send me pics so you can be a part of it too.

Everyone is welcome to join in.....
Jay xx

As if I was gunna do just one....

I'm one of those people who easily gets excited by new ideas. I won't just take a theme and make one new

Seeing as how I'm taking the time to open up Photoshop and do one new design...I may as well do a few.
Seeing as how I'm printing new designs ready for brooches, I can't waste the expensive paper by doing just I best print a few.
Seeing as how I'm getting ready to set one....... you catch my drift!

I have become accustomed to spending my time wisely. So when I do make the time to do something new and exciting I'll make it count.
My aim is to make sure there is a beginning, middle and end to my new adventure.
The ending isn't always what I expected, but sometimes that's half the fun.

This time though, I did have an idea in my head for the 'turning Japanese theme' for this months design challenge and this time, I'm happy to say it turned out just how I wanted.

A lot of what I do when it comes to illustration or graphic design is basic outlines.
I used to think this wasn't enough and that I needed to add color, depth and textural layers to create masterpieces. But really this is what I enjoy visually. Bold images, Strong colors and basic, familiar shapes.
I thought to myself, what are a few familiar images we see around us today in the world of design. I came up with:

1: The owl....though his reign may be coming to an end soon. Foxes are the new owl I read!
2: The Chandelier, so ornate and grand.
3: The cameo. A ladies silhouette.

Of course there are many more, but these are three I decided to use as my subjects to turn Japanese.

Firstly the owl, celebrated here, common in some parts, but maybe not in Japan.

So I googled 'Japanese bird' and came up with the crane.
After sussing out basic shapes and forms I drew my version of the crane for brooch number one.

I couldn't decide on red or blue, so I did both.

Secondly the chandelier. Visions of grandeur dripping in crystals, a popular form of lighting in homes of great esteem.

My take on a more traditional form of lighting in Japan would be paper lanterns. This is what I came up with.

Again, I couldn't decide red or blue, so I did both.

Lastly, the cameo. Side profile images of a lass traditionally carved in to mother of pearl, agate or shell.

Cameo ring by: lunarrastar.

For my interpretation, I decided to draw a basic silhouette of a geisha, dressed up with high hair and chopsticks in a bun. For the background, I created a bold bamboo wallpaper.

All in all, I really enjoyed thinking outside the box and creating something totally new.

As I did mention's wasteful not to fill a page with new designs ready for the printer, so having this challenge put forth allowed me to create a Japanese inspired range as well as work on a few other newbies ready for my next market on Feb 6th, Northside Makers....

As if i was gunna do just one!

Back later tonight to draw the new theme for Feb.....

Monday, February 1, 2010

It's not over yet......

The display of inspired craft from the turning Japanese design challenge is far from over.
Many people are still furiously working away at finishing things off and daily I'm getting emails of all your fabulous creations.

They truly are fantastic and I'm loving all the variations I'm seeing.

Today I have the wonderful work of Karen from 'The house of Wilson'
She usually would lend her hand to amazing works in paper, but decided to go for some paper crane print fabric to create this awesome mini quilt wall hanging.
I'm very jealous that she found such cool fabric to work with. Great work Karen. have just got to adore the many talents at play in the work presented by Jennie over at Mrs Beckinsale.

Is it a it a it's Sockzilla.

So cute is her creation of the one and only Godzilla and so witty, clever and cute is her presentation of said creature in the form of a comic strip adventure.....

A superhero in a onesie has never looked so adorable!

Back tomorrow to off my contribution for Jan's theme and select the new theme for February.