Tuesday, February 2, 2010

As if I was gunna do just one....

I'm one of those people who easily gets excited by new ideas. I won't just take a theme and make one new design...no... no...no.....

Seeing as how I'm taking the time to open up Photoshop and do one new design...I may as well do a few.
Seeing as how I'm printing new designs ready for brooches, I can't waste the expensive paper by doing just one.....so I best print a few.
Seeing as how I'm getting ready to set one....... you catch my drift!

I have become accustomed to spending my time wisely. So when I do make the time to do something new and exciting I'll make it count.
My aim is to make sure there is a beginning, middle and end to my new adventure.
The ending isn't always what I expected, but sometimes that's half the fun.

This time though, I did have an idea in my head for the 'turning Japanese theme' for this months design challenge and this time, I'm happy to say it turned out just how I wanted.

A lot of what I do when it comes to illustration or graphic design is basic outlines.
I used to think this wasn't enough and that I needed to add color, depth and textural layers to create masterpieces. But really this is what I enjoy visually. Bold images, Strong colors and basic, familiar shapes.
I thought to myself, what are a few familiar images we see around us today in the world of design. I came up with:

1: The owl....though his reign may be coming to an end soon. Foxes are the new owl I read!
2: The Chandelier, so ornate and grand.
3: The cameo. A ladies silhouette.

Of course there are many more, but these are three I decided to use as my subjects to turn Japanese.

Firstly the owl, celebrated here, common in some parts, but maybe not in Japan.

So I googled 'Japanese bird' and came up with the crane.
After sussing out basic shapes and forms I drew my version of the crane for brooch number one.

I couldn't decide on red or blue, so I did both.

Secondly the chandelier. Visions of grandeur dripping in crystals, a popular form of lighting in homes of great esteem.

My take on a more traditional form of lighting in Japan would be paper lanterns. This is what I came up with.

Again, I couldn't decide red or blue, so I did both.

Lastly, the cameo. Side profile images of a lass traditionally carved in to mother of pearl, agate or shell.

Cameo ring by: lunarrastar.

For my interpretation, I decided to draw a basic silhouette of a geisha, dressed up with high hair and chopsticks in a bun. For the background, I created a bold bamboo wallpaper.

All in all, I really enjoyed thinking outside the box and creating something totally new.

As I did mention before...it's wasteful not to fill a page with new designs ready for the printer, so having this challenge put forth allowed me to create a Japanese inspired range as well as work on a few other newbies ready for my next market on Feb 6th, Northside Makers....

As if i was gunna do just one!

Back later tonight to draw the new theme for Feb.....


  1. Great work. My mum will be disappointed that she cant attend this Northside Market this time round to see your work. Looking forward to seeing what Feb's theme is.
    My Aunty in Sydney loved the Australian Tea-Towel seat that you made!!!!

  2. I'm laughing because my only new thing for this market also came from me not wanting to waste the expensive paper/printable fabric!

  3. Oh I love them all!!! Your brooches are just so amazing and creative. I am really happy to have my babushka dolls brooch :-) Now i want more. Well done.

  4. Your new brooches are really fabulous. I particularly like the geisha cameo.


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