Monday, February 1, 2010

It's not over yet......

The display of inspired craft from the turning Japanese design challenge is far from over.
Many people are still furiously working away at finishing things off and daily I'm getting emails of all your fabulous creations.

They truly are fantastic and I'm loving all the variations I'm seeing.

Today I have the wonderful work of Karen from 'The house of Wilson'
She usually would lend her hand to amazing works in paper, but decided to go for some paper crane print fabric to create this awesome mini quilt wall hanging.
I'm very jealous that she found such cool fabric to work with. Great work Karen. have just got to adore the many talents at play in the work presented by Jennie over at Mrs Beckinsale.

Is it a it a it's Sockzilla.

So cute is her creation of the one and only Godzilla and so witty, clever and cute is her presentation of said creature in the form of a comic strip adventure.....

A superhero in a onesie has never looked so adorable!

Back tomorrow to off my contribution for Jan's theme and select the new theme for February.


  1. Oh I love them. The Origami Quilt is wicked, and well, Sockzilla, I had to hide under my duvet, what can i say.

    Apologies to all that have entered the January challege, for not having visited you yet. I am on this magic carpet ride, and exploting new blogs. its eating up my time (in a magical way) but i will visit all of your entries for February, promise.

    PS, its not too late to get a magic carpet ticket. If you need the link, its on my blog page.

  2. Super jack is one coool little superhero!The whole thing gave me a good giggle.

  3. The comic strip is a clever device employed to show off my softie while disguising how dodgy it is.


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