Sunday, January 31, 2010

Just before the bell....

We have two more fabulous participants in the monthly design challenge who have finished up there pieces, just before the bell....

Jennie over at Posie Patchwork has taken advantage of the turning' Japanese theme to create this wonderful gift for her daughters friend.

Meet Samurai.

This little wonder has been created using a fantastic mix of Japanese print fabrics, from top to toe.
I love the Koi on his belly and the clever use of the wave for his eye. Too cute...

Jasmine over at Natures whispers has lent her hand to some inspired felting for the challenge.
Working with a scrumptious piece of silk, she has Nuno felted this beautiful leaf design.
Nuno felting is a Japanese technique of laying down wool and silk together and driving the fibres of the wool through the silk until they bond and become one.

Just gorgeous.

Thanks for joining Ladies.

Don't forget, If you've been inspired to make something for this months theme, but feel you won't have it done before we move on to February's theme...fear one will fail by not meeting the end of month deadline....carry on crafting and send me your pics when done.

Feb will just mark the beginning of the new theme...not the ending of the old one.

I'll be back late tomorrow to present my work, inspired by this months challenge (bet you didn't notice I hadn't done it yet....bad hostess) and to randomly pick the new theme for Feb.

Catch yah then!


  1. I emailed mine over this evening, did it make it there? If not, it's on my blog.

  2. OH yeah, where is your work?? Thanks for the plug, i really enoyed that little project. I have shots of Samurai's back, forgot to post them, another bunch of Japanese prints!! Oh & all those Japanese snacks were gobbled down quick smart. Looking forward to February's theme, bring it on Jay. Thanks, love Posie

  3. Samurai is awesome! I'm halfway through mine still... will get pics up eventually ;)

  4. And me! I finished mine in January! Will email you the pics.

  5. I love these:)and the idea of a monthly design challenge - what fun

  6. That Samurai is fabulous! I'm glad to hear that we can still submit some late ones.. mine isn't finished yet..

    Looking forward to seeing what this month's theme is - maybe I'll be on time for this one!


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