Sunday, January 17, 2010

Looks what new at the shop...

Like all fans of handmade , I too have greeted the new year with a sense of wanting new and exciting things to work on. I still love everything I do, no doubt about that, but..... you just become a little complacent if things remain...same old...same old.
So I spent last week on a new little range of beaded beauties to take in to 'Olive Grove'.

It's been so nice to have a little break away from my usual time takers and there is something about beading that is so meditative.

Standing back and looking at it I'm so glad I detoured a little. It's such a splash of color and fun. I luvs them!

All newly on display at 'Olive Grove' and available in Feb at Handmade Heaven (Qld)


  1. Oh seen lots of references to you in other blogs, hello, how do you do?? Your necklaces are so pretty & fun, love colour!! Love Posie

  2. Oooh another gorgeous design that I need to add to my Finki collection!

  3. Woohoo...Loving your new range Jay..Can't wait to see them all in real life... Bring on February

  4. Wow, that is something different. Have you made the lasercut bits too?

  5. They are great will they be in your etsy shop soon?

  6. Oh I love your new stuff!!! Think I will certainly be going back to Handmade Heaven for one of your necklaces in Febuary :-) Bouthg one of your brooches yesterday too. I really love your jewellery

  7. Just divine - you can never have too much colour - great designs!


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