Saturday, January 16, 2010

Another design challenge met.................

Crafty Sue over at Divajools has done an inspirational job of fulfilling the task at hand for this months design challenge.

Look at these beauties.

With 'turning Japanese' as this months theme, Sue hit the oppies and found this sad, faded eighties necklace, begging to be revived. She was mainly drawn to the little wicker beads and how well they would fit in with a cherry blossom inspired piece she had envisaged.

So home it came for a little magic touch. Sue re-colored the wicker to a vibrant cherry, and teamed it with some gorgeous beads and chain for.......... da-da-da-DA.......

This fantastic finished result!

Thanks so much Sue, for sharing' the steps in your design process too. It's great to see how it evolved from some faded and forgotten beads into the fabulous end result.

What a transformation!

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  1. I love everything that has been submitted so far for your challenge and am looking forward to seeing some more. I love that this one is like a before and after piece.


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