Thursday, January 28, 2010

Little lion man....

I'm sort of a silence girl when it comes to crafting. The sound of a button dropping, the machine whirring and my keys tap tapping on the keyboard is bliss....

But on the odd occasion that I need a tune to pass the day, Triple JJJ is the number on my dial.

They have just done the hottest 100 and announced Little lion man by Mumford and sons as the number 1. You can listen to it .......'here'

It's such a folksy song and takes me back to my younger days of drinking Guinness at the Dan O'Connell on a Sunday night with many friends and a great band playing an Irish jig.

Yay to songs that remind us of happy times.....

What are you lovin' listening to lately?


  1. whats lovely about this song also, is the use of real instruments, the double bass sounds great.
    Good on them for winning

  2. Thanks for letting me know who was number 1, love that folksy music. My husband loves all music, so he was horrified to discover early in our dating life i wasn't into music at all. Funnily enough my best friend from school married the music director of JJJ. He he. Their wedding was lovely & you guessed it, my music loving husband was overseas & missed it. Sorry, JJJ is lost on me. Love Posie

  3. Jay, I too am a quiet crafting girl - don't seem to listen to much while on the beading torch, but the other day I put on a cd that I hadn't listened to in ages - Hothouse Flowers - and it took me back to the long drive home from Uni to my family home and the memories of singing as loud as you wanted (days before having a four year old telling you that they are not the words)

  4. I voted for Little Lion Man - in love with that song. All the rest of the songs I voted for in the hot 100 were songs that brought back beautiful memories of picking pears and peaches in the hot hot victorian sun a year ago :)

  5. o o o!!! i love this game!! i am liking Innocent by Aidan Hawken and Hometown glory by ADELE for when I'm crafting at night.
    I've just purchased the album by Eric Hutchinson and it's nice to have on in the background when I'm working:)

  6. What a gorgeous picture of the both of you ... so young!

  7. that is a beautiful & happy moment you two seem to be sharing. gorgeous Jay!


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