Thursday, January 14, 2010

Yet another.......

Another non black contribution to the ethical clothing pledge.

This time I reconstructed a beautiful purple cotton dress I had bought from Supre' and still never worn.
Again it had spaghetti straps.....I don't know why I do that to myself! it was only ever going to be worn over a wider strapped singlet. But then you get weather like we have had lately and you just can't stand the thought of having to wear two tops to get the desired look.

So off came the straps, and on went a coordinating purple cotton print (from the stash) for a thicker strap.
I placed the pattern on the original dresses neckline so I could maintain the gathered detail, and altered the upper back piece of my pattern, to have more of a scooped almost racer back effect.

I've used this pattern 3 times now and's not quite right. Just needs 1.5 cm added to the shoulder strap and it'll be perfect. So one more top from this pattern I think. Gotta get it right!

* Please excuse blurry photo's taken by holding camera up high and hoping i got myself in it.
web cam is on the blink.


  1. he he he, i so know that top!! it looks so much better reconstructed by you!! well done sissy well done

  2. I may have to send ALL my clothes that have "shrunk" for you to re-construct for me, you are getting so good at this!

  3. nice one! you're putting that pattern to work!

  4. Very impressive. I love what you have done with this and the purple floral is perfect.

  5. Crapsticks Jay, you're making me look bad! I fulfill my ethical clothing pledge by simply not having any new clothes, not being all creative and refashioning a new thing every few days! ;-)

  6. Just saw your Monthly Design Challenge 'button', that's hilarious!

  7. I'm loving the unique pieces you are coming up with. The contrast between the plain and printed fabric looks great!

  8. Wow, I had no idea that you made the top yourself. I was admiring it last night. So clever, and I really do like the racing back.

    Was lovely to see you last night.

  9. this looks fabulous!!! I love what you have been creating with your new pledge!!

  10. I giggled both AT and WITH you about those Spaghetti Straps Jay...!!! Aggghhh!

    You've done a fab job with the refashion. The bra-covering straps are great and the high back looks awesome.


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