Thursday, January 5, 2012

A little bit of grounding...

Gosh so much going on, but then not really much at all.
For me January is a holiday. A holiday from work and making anyway.

Gnomey in our herb patch.

Time to be with the kids over the holidays and reconnect with family and friends.

(Us with Grandma dot at X-mas)

After such a full on period of work from October to December it sorta feels like January is a jam packed month of making up for lost time.

Cooking, cleaning, de-cluttering and just hanging out.
We have gone through all the cupboards and bookshelves and donated bag upon bag of STUFF.
Stuff that just clutters up our little space and creates such and energy block.

We've been growing herbs, potatoes,

(Kizzy's first batch of potatoes churned out this awesome heart shaped potato. Guess it was grown with love)


and filling our home with fruit and veg.

I do fall into that cliche model of being... who hits January and starts fresh with diet, exercise and reconnecting with all the important things I need to balance my self and start the year with new vigour. Hopelessly predictable, but it works for me, so why not!

I just finished my first e-course in December on surface and pattern design, which absolutely blew my mind with the amazing amount of content. Activities and ideas that will take me another month to process.

Then I have another e-course starting in a few weeks. Hello soul, hello business. I'm very excited by this one.
Hoping to re-connect with my creative soul and start making things from the heart again.
It's far to easy to get caught up in making and re-making and filling orders e.t.c that you just lose your mojo and feel like it's ages since you sat in front of a blank canvas and took time...really took time, to make from the heart.

Image via here

So my January, as always is about finding my centre, finding balance again. Re-connecting and starting fresh.
Happy new year to you all, I hope you are finding yourself grounded and prepared for an awesome 2012.
Jay xx