Thursday, December 22, 2011

From little things...

Seems not that long ago that I was stressing out about my little girl making friends on her first day of primary school and today as the bell rings for the last time, I'll be thinking about how sad it will be for her to say goodbye to all those friends she has made over the last seven years.

Today's last day of school not only marks the beginning of summer holidays for my girl, but the ending of Primary school. A time of transition into so many new things. High school...a whole new bunch of kids and teachers to meet, a whole new routine to greet each day... all whilst growing up from a child to a young adult.

She seems to be handling it all o.k. albeit with a touch of sadness in knowing, that only one other person she knows is going to the same high school as her. But with social media what it is today, mobiles and such it's so much easier to keep in touch with old friends, so we'll do our best to maintain old friendships whilst new ones are formed.

On Monday night the event was marked with graduation.

A night to reflect on old times, appreciate all they have achieved and receive there graduation certificates.

School had put together a touching video, showing footage of the kids as preppies interspersed with the class answering questions asked today about there highlights, challenges and hopes for the future.
So nice to see responses from 'I dunno' and 'I always wanted to be a garbage man' to 'I'll be a lawyer' or 'I want to go to university'

The children are our future ... and sometimes amidst making sure they are fed, clothed and arrive to school on time I sorta forget that they are growing up sooo quickly and forming there own opinions on the way this world works and there place in it. BIG STUFF.
Really big stuff.

So I'm so grateful for days like these, that bring it all home. Celebrate achievements and offer wishes for our kids future. Next year is gunna be huge and my little girl is sooo ready for it.

Me though, I sometimes think she's still such a little thing..

Jay xx

The doll house...

After a crazy two months of preparing stock for Christmas, December has been all about birthdays and making presents.

We have two birthdays this month. My niece and my father in law.
F.I.L was born on Christmas day, so I can't spoil the surprise by showing his gifts yet, but for our spunky little niece we have had a project on the go for months.

The 'doll house'

Completely made by hand, via the uber talented F.I.L, then a major group effort in painting and decorating.

Sorta felt like renovation rescue, when we were handed a shell on a Wednesday with a few days left to completely decorate and fit out, ready for gift giving.

From the check tiled kitchen complete with disco balls and flying ducks, to the couch upholstered with vintage tea towels, it certainly has turned out to be OOAK.

Let me give you a tour.

Bathroom complete with shower curtain, towels and even a grandpa on the toilet.

Kids room, with draws and handmade bed.

Master bedroom, so chic....



and lounge.

Such an amazing amount of work went into making it and I'm sure at some stage we all said...maybe we should have just bought one.

But the end result is something so much more then money could buy.
Yay, for hand made.
Jay xx

Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Just a little show n' tell of the pieces I came up with for the 'Flight of the ducks' exhibition over at Gleaners.

I went with jewellery as that's my thing...

and found an old Morgans street directory of Melbourne that I cut up.
I used page 44... the best bit of town of course.
It Covers the area from my house to Liz's lovely shop on Ballarat st.

Then I cut some duckies out of black card stock and embedded them in resin.

Too cute.
Jay xx

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Calling all ducks...

When the lovely Liz put out the call for crafty peeps to make ducky things for her first Gleaners exhibition, I just couldn't refuse.

Didn't matter that it was my busiest making month of the year, that I was in the middle of an e-course, had an upcoming open studio and high school orientations to attend.

Nah... not too busy, She'll be right.

Well, in retrospect I did possibly over commit, but Somehow... god knows how...I managed to make the time to sit down and design/make some awesomeness for the first ever exhibition to be held at Gleaners.

I can't spoil the opening by showing you my offering, but I can invite you to come see for yourselves the duck extravaganza...

Sydney Rd has much to offer on opening night too...

After the opening of 'Flight of the ducks' why not head down to the late night 'Sisters Market' at Brunswick town hall and then on to Olive Grove studios for our late night shopping....shops open till 9 Yay.
A night positively jam packed with handmade delights.

Might see you there.
Jay xx

Monday, December 12, 2011

Open studio on Wednesday....

This year I'm lucky enough to be part of an open studio event over at Tinniegirl's.
The perfect opportunity to have a sticky beak at the artist studio and original works.

We'll have a mini market set up offering a range of goodies
from Curlypops, Tinniegirl and Moi.
Perfect for dropping in after work and
hopefully crossing a few things off those X-mas lists.

I'll mainly have clothes and cuddlies, so please do drop me a line
if you'd like to see something in particular from my range.

Original Artwork by Tinniegirl

Everyone is welcome
just check the details below to get the address.

Open Studio & End of Year Celebration

Wednesday 14th December 2011
4 – 9pm

Prints, Cards, Jewellery, Stationary, Clothes,
Original Artworks, Cushions & More

Special Guests, Camille Condon {CurlyPops}, Jaylene Juanita {Finki Handmade}

It's a great opportunity to celebrate the end of the year, get together for a glass of bubbles, have a peak into my studio and creative process, and do a little Christmas shopping if you feel so inclined.
If you'd like to come along
please email me at tinniegirl/at/
and I'll send you my street address.

All welcome.

Hope to see you there,
Jay xx

Friday, December 2, 2011

{finkigirl} market debut....

The entire {finkigirl} range of jools and works of the artist celebrated,
the fabulous Cathy Kirwan...
will be available tonight at the lovely Made n' Thornbury market.

So if your in the neighborhood, passing by on your way home from work or just looking for a great way to start some handmade Christmas shopping, do pop by.
It's an evening event running from 4- 8pm.

We'll have all our goodies in Silver and gold, the fantastic new lockets
and our new celebrated artworks 'Shine' and 'Journey'.

Hope to see you there.
Jay xx