Saturday, June 30, 2012

Something about this weather...

There is just something about this weather that makes we want be snug as a bug
 under a rug on the couch, knitting.

Image via here

Knitting or crocheting. 
I tend to be o.k at scarves or granny squares, but have never attempted clothing. 
So this winter, muchly inspired by Jennie's awesome efforts as a beginner, 
I think I shall challenge myself to knit a cardi and a beanie. 

Image and pattern via here

Of course it will be for someone represented in the infant category, or possibly a dolly...
have to realistic about my skills and patience on that one. 
The smaller the better.
Wish me luck.
Jay xx

Friday, June 29, 2012

Grand sale...

Big crafty sale happening down at the Grove tomorrow.

I've managed to hit the fabric shelves and have a BIG clean-out. So sad to see some go, but it has to be done. 
My home will breathe a sigh of relief for having a bit more free space.

I managed to rustle up...

Little pieces perfect for applique or fabric buttons,

Bigger pieces and by the meter for garments and bigger projects...

Test screen prints, great for applique' ...

and boxes a plenty of fabric. Vintage, jersey, craft and more...

Sale is one day only, including fabric from Polly Pratt, Starashan and the other designers down at Olive Grove too. So do pop down and grab yourself a bargain.
Jay xx

Friday, June 22, 2012

My boyfriends back....

Hey now, hey now...

After a week and a half of solo parenting,
 my man has returned from a trip with his mum,
 to gloriously warm Bali.

Twas his first overseas trip so he was mighty pleased to be having a break away
 from our cold winter for a little while.

After the initial shock of realizing that I had to get out of my pajamas each day to make sure the kids got where they needed to before the bell, we settled into some sort of routine. I learnt I could deal with spiders, change the light bulbs, take the rubbish out, dress and feed the children too.

All the single mumma's ...hats off to you. It's hard yakka doing it all on your own.

He had a delightful time away and managed to fill two memory cards with photo's. 
So nice to see him reignite his passion with photography. 

Of course it would seem the obligatory snap of man in skirt was had...

 along with many...


 and even more...

 pics of the wildlife.

I was just so glad to have him back. 
 Although the food lasted longer and the house stayed cleaner...hmmm 

 Nah 13 plus years together, I think it must be love!

Jay xx

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Know someone crafty ...

Know someone crafty or are you a maker yourself? 

We are now taking expressions of interest from our handmade community, 
to sell your goodies at the shop I am a part of, Olive Grove Studios. 

'Open space rental' is a new incentive we have created to promote local artist/designers whereby you rent a space to display your goods in store. No working behind the counter or boring meetings, just a new home for your wares.  A perfect arrangement for those of you possibly to far away to work shifts, or who work a day job and craft by night.

Prices are comparable or less then having a market stall and for that your goodies are on display 7 days a week in our Fab little shop on a bustling Melbourne shopping strip.

For more info just drop us a line at
Jay xx