Friday, July 31, 2009

Come one...Come all....

I've been buried in a crafty sea of fabric, foam and tea towels this week, gettin' ready for the Sisters market. A fabulous indoor market held at the Brunswick Town hall on Sydney Rd.

Also on offer will be the amazing crafty offerings of:
Konstant Kaos
Rabbit and the duck
Tiges and weince
Lauren williams
Two cheese please
and much, much, more..........

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Market week mayhem....

I'm at it again........
A whirlwind of activity, preparing for this weekends Sisters market at Brunswick town hall.

I just LOVE the finish of my new stools, so I've been working away on getting a few more of those done in time and I've redesigned my little stall space, so I can fit more in.

Keeps it all fresh and exciting when I can re merchandise each time. Part of the fun of doing the markets is the constant challenge to keep it all new and exciting for you and me both.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Luke......I am your father!

I'm sure you've all seen these little star wars guys conveniently located at kid height on the end of your local Safeway registers.

Not sure if they are there to tempt the kids or us grown ups, either way I can't help but smile at the reality of Darth Vader the big baddie, being reduced to a little cute.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Take a seat.....

It was only a matter of time before my range expanded to include a product so useful in today's society, that it's need on my market stall could no longer be ignored.
The product of choice was born out of need to find a wonderfully practical use for all my souvenir tea towels.

I was eager to make aprons, handbags, pillows and even baby bootees with them, But they are all being done. More importantly, they are being done by people I've met in my crafty travels that I'd like to call friends. So as much as I wanted to do my own spin on a handbag or bootee, I scrapped the idea and went back to the drawing board.
I continued to add to my collection of tea towels whilst on my travels, knowing that one day soon they'd join the 'Finki' range. Just wasn't sure how!

So with out further ado I introduce to you the 'Finki stool'.

Perfectly bright, bold and beautiful and so very practical......... Very me indeed.

The range of 'Finki stools' (featuring my brand spanking new woven labels) will debut at the next Sisters Market, Sat 1st August.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Crunch time......

Now that the cheeky chickens were back at school it was time to focus on the dreaded task of doing my taxes. Blah!
Sadly neglected, my pile of paperwork had grown to mammoth proportions causing sleepless nights and lots and fine excuses for not having to do it. Like....the great debates on tonight, can't miss that.....Yeah so maybe they were tragic excuses.
Queen of procrastination 'tis I.
But I'm proud to say that I grit my teeth, threw all the excuses out the window and begun the dirty deed of wading through the see of receipts.
For a while there, my lounge room floor was nowhere to be seen. But there was light at the end of tunnel and slowly but surely I moved mountains.


Became this.........

The lesson to be learnt here of course is do your paperwork weekly, so it doesn't have the opportunity to become your worst nightmare.

Will I listen to my own advice. ....Something tells me you might just be reading a very similar post to this one in a years time.

I'm a creature of habit after all.

Friday, July 10, 2009

West side

Just a quick shout out for any one looking for something to do over the weekend.
I went and saw 'West Side Story' last night, presented by ARC, a youth theatre group based in Banyule.
(Links aren't working on blogger for some reason, so pop over to arc's site for more info at

It was soooo good. There's something about musical theatre that just invigorates the soul.
The costumes were gorgeous, the dancing was contagious, and the singing was just amazing. I can't believe it was youth theatre.

Such a good night out and so affordable, under $30 a ticket.
You can get tickets at the door. So why not shout yourselves out to a night of fabulous entertainment whilst supporting local talent.
I highly recommend it.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Break...what break!

I mentioned on a previous post, that my month is structured in such a way that I have a break for two weeks, then it's 'ON' for two weeks whilst I make, make, make for the markets.

Now that's not entirely true. Well yes it is, but no, but yeah..... but.... I mean it depends what your definition of 'a break' is.

For me, it means the stock boxes are left alone. No refilling, replacing or redoing. Because as much as I can see a pattern of what sells, I don't want to become plagued in a routine of spending four weeks merely restocking. I think I'd lose interest very quickly if that's what came to be.

So, what I do with my first two weeks, is create.

New Finki art pendants: Due out in August.

I am always.....always...thinking of my next project and the next four after that matter of fact. But I try to focus on one new project a month to bring to fruition.
Between my day job, raising two kids, catching up on my cleaning, bills, website and blogging, it doesn't always happen so effortlessly, but I try.
For me personally, this time is of essence, so life doesn't become same old, same old.

This month, I'm excited to be working on a project that has given me many sleepless nights. A new brooch/pendant.

The aim for my new project is essentially to create a wearable piece of art.
Really this is always my mission. Trying to figure out new and exciting ways to bring color, pattern and imagery into a wearable object. I've trialled fabric, glass, resin and clay as a medium for imagery but i want more..... So I've gone back to the drawing board.
I've been madly sketching for weeks, but sometimes you just need to sit down with your tools in hand and start making. So I did.

First I sketched some frames, found some scraps of acrylic I had and got started. Of course the pink and yellow leave something to be desired but that's all I had. I'm quite happy with the shapes, I just need to finalise my choice of materials.
Fingers crossed...I'll have some new pendants at my next market stall, with 100% original Finki art work in them.
I'm sooooo excited.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Definitely not sunny for this coco.......

T'was the night before market when all through the house, the littlen's were sleeping quite as a mouse. Mum was up stitching and packaging with the glee, the finishing touches for the stall of 'Finki'.

Morning rose and the table was set, better this time, my best one yet.

But where were the crowds? I catered to thee!
Luckily friends and family came see....

Was it the rain, that damned winter weather, was it my regrowth or bad breath! No never.

Questions, queries....who, what, when where, and why?
Life's wasted just guessing, so let's not try.

Not try, figure out if we did something wrong! Just have faith in our craft, and sing a happy song.

For the day gave time to reflect and to share, with the wonderful bunch of gals who were there.

My neighbour, dear Shannon from rabbit and duck, brought cupcakes to share, what good luck.

I had chit chats with Anna, Kylie, Jen and Jenny, Felicity,Nikki, Margaret and Beky.

Tasty treats from Melbourne Epicure, Yum!

Covered my costs, and a little more. Enough to by scrumptious tarts and gingerbread at the door.

Will I visit again, and take a punt in Preston, not sure really.
Can't answer that question!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

What's new pussycat......

Whoa, whoa, .....
Now that I've got you singin' lets move on to what really is new in the world of Finki.


It's almost market time again and I'm sure you've noticed the ebb and flow of my creativity stems around that time of the month, well not that time...the other time. The week and a half of sheer chaos that leads up to my monthly market stall, where I'm rarely seen with out a needle in my hand and my head Misses hitting the pillow before midnight every night.

But it's all good. I've figured out that this is how I work. I could pace myself and do a bit each day, but that's far too organized and calm and just not me.
So for two weeks I rest, then for two weeks it's ON.

This two weeks of creativity brings you:

New, New, New.....storybook baskets, pencil holders, notepads, bowls, recipe card holders, scissor holders, glass and fabric pendants and more!

A feast of new and old papers and materials have been used, still keeping in theme with my love of all things bright beautiful and vintage inspired.

All this will be on show, Sunday 5th July at the Sonny and Coco Market from 10 - 3.

Do drop by and say hello to me and the many other fantastically crafty bloggers on board.

Flicketty splits.
Rabbit and the duck.
Polly pratt.
Tiges and weince.
Konstant Kaos.
Craving frocks.

and we can't forget the tasty stylings of melbourne epicure. YUM!