Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Market week mayhem....

I'm at it again........
A whirlwind of activity, preparing for this weekends Sisters market at Brunswick town hall.

I just LOVE the finish of my new stools, so I've been working away on getting a few more of those done in time and I've redesigned my little stall space, so I can fit more in.

Keeps it all fresh and exciting when I can re merchandise each time. Part of the fun of doing the markets is the constant challenge to keep it all new and exciting for you and me both.


  1. they look fabulous!
    goodluck with the new stall look, hope you have a fantastic day

  2. Hope your stools went well at your last market !

  3. I love those! We have (or had) calendar dishtowels in the states that look similar to your Australia fabric - every time I see one I am reminded of my aunt's farm house!

  4. I'll have to pop by. I realised just the other night that one of your new stools may be just the thing I need to provide studio visitors with a place to rest their legs.

  5. I can't wait to see them in the flesh, I mean fabric. See you there Saturday Jay.
    Ky x

  6. that 1979 tea towel doesn't look 30 years old, however i certainly do!
    i like them.
    see you on saturday.


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