Thursday, August 27, 2009

Perfect day for a giveaway........

Check out the close up, such beautiful detail.

But what could it be....

Its a delightful little squishee that could be yours.

The beautiful work of apple and eve is up for grabs. All you have to do is browse the glorious little Happy hedgehogs over at apple and eves Etsy shop, choose one that makes you smile, then pop into misspepperberries blog and tell the girls which hedgehog makes you happy and why. Too easy.

My favourites are the two above......yeah I know, 'choose one Jay'.....too hard.
I luv's them both.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Ages ago I bought some funky bibs from the lovely curly pops for my little niece to be. I just adored the fabric and miss curly pops was nice enough to give me some bits and pieces to make all the matching booties.

I blogged about the finished result of the ones I made for Finn a while back and I had hoped that this time round I may have overcome my need for speed and lack of pattern reading to have perfected them.....Well I can dream, can't I .

To the naked eye, they are cute to boot. But to the dressmaker in you all they are a wee bit crooked. GOSH!!!! I can hear my sister laughing all the way from Queensland. OK, o.k, complete truth....they are a lot bit crooked.

But they will stay on, they are cute, and baby to be will love the fact her auntie handmade them.

If you want to have a go at making a peter perfect version, the pattern is available here at jolibebe.

I have one more pair to make for my sister in law, so heres hopin it's third time a treat.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Coffee and crotchet....................

I'll be heading along to the crotchet and coffee afternoon held by the Northside Makers on Sunday.

If your around, come too.
I get to see glimpses of you all visiting me at my markets, but would love to be able to sit and chat with no distractions.
Every one is welcome and even if you can't crotchet, just bring any hand held projects, or better still, just come for the coffee and conversation.
You can R.S.V.P over at Northsides blog

Sunday 23rd August
Crunch Cafe
660 High st, Thornbury.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Sun, fun and a whole lot of shopping......

Back from sunny Queensland and what can I say. Beautiful one day perfect the next. Such a horrid cliche but perfectly true. Around 28 every day, blue skies and low humidity. Just what I needed for a little break from our Melbourne winter.
Was great to see Sis before new bubs arrives. She's been on creative overload whilst nesting and has produced the most amazing range of infant wear and nappy bags. The quality and design rival anything I've seen. She's such a perfectionist and carries this through with every creative pursuit she explores. Her bags are so stylish, and amazingly practical, with pockets and pouches for bottles nappies and snacks. I promise to link you all to her shop the minute she's uploaded them.

We caught up with mum to see 'my sisters keeper' which had us crying from the opening credits to last scene. Wasn't impressed with the choice of Diaz for the role of a mum to teenagers, she's far too young. But that aside, it was a very touching movie. Especially if you've ever had someone close to you taken away too soon.......still crying.

On Saturday we all ventured out to Bundamba for the Handmade Expo. I tell you, it was well worth the drive. We got there just after 8 to be greeted by the lovely Miriam, Liesa and Micky.

They are all just the nicest bunch of gals and oh so photogenic. We made it in time to get some cupcakes (first 500 visitors only) and easily kept ourselves busy for the next four hours.
The market was much bigger than I expected and branched off into little wings. Just like a shopping center............ Heaven!!

We started exploring all the crafty goodness whilst live musicians entertained. The beautiful acoustic vocals in the left wing faded as we strolled along to the guitar and vocal talents in the right wing. Strumming a favorite tune of mine, the Israel Kamakawiwo'ole's version of 'somewhere over the rainbow' if you haven't heard it, you must.

The atmosphere was so laid back. There was heaps of room for prams and maneuvering around with lot's of bags, and you really felt like you could stroll and take your time without being pushed and shoved like smaller markets.

I found absolutely heaps of gifts. For the house, the nephew, the babies on the way and for me of course.

After filling my hands with bags and bags of shopping, we stopped in the food and coffee wing for some sustenance in the form of the cutest.....and most delicious cupcakes and coffee.

They had fresh produce, fudge, cakes, pickles, preserves and the awesome aroma of Farmer Dave's BBQ all around us.
On the way out we grabbed some of Dave's Lamb, a quick photo with the man himself who is every bit as charming in real life, and headed off to cook our own Lamb dinner at home.


I wish I could link you to all the fabulous sellers I bough stuff from, but not all of them sell online, so you'll just have to head on over to handmade expo's next market on Sat 26th Sept, to see all the crafty goodness for your self. You won't be disappointed.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Winds of change....

The winds of change are finally breezing in.
After what seems like an eternity.....I I'm sure that I've found my direction.

Born with a sewing needle in one hand and a Lincraft club card in the other, I was always destined to be creatively driven and when you have mountains of people telling you "you're so creative, you should make something of it" you think, sure, good idea. I can make stuff! Why not turn that in to a career.

But somehow being creatively gifted just doesn't translate into a career path. It definitely gives you something to do on the couch on cold winter nights, and it surely pleases many family and friends to get another handmade present. Surely!

Following crafty pursuits, for me, is like the need to eat. It's the petrol in my tank.

But I felt drawn to make something more of it.
What though.............Life can be put on hold, trying to decide on the whats! even more so, combating the what if's.
So after much procrastination, I made the leap into selling online on Etsy over a year ago.
I cried happy tears when I had my first customer who wasn't family or friend.

Soon, I ventured out in to the market scene. With trepidation, fear, and a great amount of self doubt.
Once again I cried happy tears that it was such a success. Tears too, because I had waited soooooo long to take the leap.

One year on, I can't tell you how much I have learnt and grown. Personally and professionally.

So I reach this happy place.........two kids, devoted beau, crafty business, life is good. A little messy and chaotic, but good.

Except for that little, itty bitty niggly feeling in my tummy, that says 'there is more to this crafty adventure, you're not there yet'

Soon I make new crafty friends through my market endeavors and we all have this itty bitty niggly feeling nagging at us, that there is something more...........

It's hard to stop your self going full speed when you discover other people with the same niggly feeling . "We could do this, we can do that, lets try this, how about that........" So we slowed down, took ourselves seriously and started planning.
A big part of me feels overwhelmed and scared, but a bigger part of me feels exhilarated and as though finally......this is where I'm meant to be.So what is it?
All this rambling and who harr!

It's about a new venture that I am so proud to be a part of. A new venture that I'd like you all to be a part of too.

Three crafty peeps, Jennie, Margaret and I have formed a non - profit association, specifically created to encourage and support craftspeople, hobbyists and micro business in Melbourne's northern suburbs.
We will be having crafty social events, summer markets and community outreach programmes.

After what seems like a mountain of paper work, a sea of insurance quotes and a month of venue hunting, we have finally come to an end, which really marks the beginning.

Today Northside Makers have gone live.

check out our blog, and start sending your ideas our way for what you'd like to see happen in your local craft group.
Our membership forms and stall applications will appear there real soon, so join up and follow us now at the early bird stage as we grow into something that I really think will be a wonderful crafty explosion in the North.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Latest oppie delights.....

Didn't want yah thinkin' I was holding back on the op shoppin, just cause I haven't been posting about many of my finds. So I thought it time for just a little show and tell.

You know, ever since I decided to use my souvenir tea towels for my finki stools, I have not found one single tea towel in any way shape or form that vaguely resembled a vintage or retro design.

So my stool venture may be short lived.........
I have a little stash to keep me going. But here's hopin that the old oppie's start producing the goods again soon.

For now, they are producing goods in other ways.

I got these lovely table cloths,

some funky sheets,

and old knitting patterns, all from my last round up at Savers.

I'm too embarrassed to say how much I had to pay for one of the table cloths in particular. It annoyed the hell out of me that they have increased there prices so much. But.... a little part of me knows exactly why they do it.

To deter the dealers.

I used to work at Savers and saw first hand how the dealers came in EVERYDAY when the carts got rolled out, and just took everything and anything that had vintage, retro, antique or collectible appeal. Nothing was left for the average Joe.
So they had to mark it that little bit higher so that the dealers left some things for you and me. Sad part of course, is that you and me pay more now.

Thank god for the little oppies run nanna's where you can still buy a book for 50 cents and a sheet for $2. Sort of balances it out a little.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

A recipe for added cuteness.....

I've been at Finn's wardrobe again with some transfer magic.

Using lots of funky creations I picked up at recent markets stalls of the lovely Tiges and Weince.

I grabbed 2 iron on transfers at Sisters market, 2 at Sonny and Coco and one at Mathilda's Market I believe. She must think I'm a stalker for sure!

They had been put away for a rainy day and finally I got around to doing them.
Really it's just the cleverest way to personalise a t-shirt, pants or bag. Not just for the little peeps either!

So I started with this......

5 basic tee's for $5 ea at your local best and less.

Then I added 5 too cute, iron on transfers. Available as a special deal of any two for $8.00 from Tiges and Weince. Then apply a little heat from your iron. and your done.......too easy.

Of course I did do a little top stitching just for fun. Some zig zag, some straight stitch.
I couldn't be more in love with the result.

In the end each shirt ended up costing only $9. Such a bargain, really cute, and a little bit different too.
Lovin' it.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Girls only!

I'm heading off to Brissie next weekend for a girls only catch up, whilst hubby holds down the fort.
Most of my family live in the sunshine state, so I try to visit as often as I can. But when you have a family and business to run, whilst holding down a part time job it really doesn't get to happen as often as one would like.

My little Sis is 8 months pregnant, so I couldn't have left my visit much later if I was gunna see her before bubs arrives.
We'll be picking up mum, a big box of tissues and heading off to see 'my sisters keeper'. What two better people to see a chick flick with. Hubbies been spared....this time!
First stop Saturday will be The Handmade Expo at the Ipswich Turf club, Bundamba. I've read so many wonderful things about this market and this time it's extra special as the girls of Handmade Expo, Miriam, Liesa and Micky are celebrating there 1st birthday.

I've followed all there blogs and seen there adventures grow, from selling there own crafty wares, to promoting other crafty peeps by running markets and now one of them taking on board Handmade heaven, a retail space supporting handmade.
A truly inspirational little family, who are doing there all to keep handmade alive and kickin'.

With 100 + stalls of handmade, Gourmet fresh, Farmer Dave and birthday cupcakes for the first 500 early birds, I will definitely be going along to join in on the market day celebrations.

The rest of my time is open to suggestion.....well in between good food, family and friends that is.

So if you know any good oppies or markets happening over the weekend of the 15th-16th in between Brisbane and Ipswich, let me know and we'll add it to the itinerary.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Form and function......Lovin it!

I sold out of all my pin cushions a while back and keep meaning to make the time to start a new batch. Some that are even bigger and better than before.........

Whilst I busy myself making some extra special Finki ones, have a look at all this other loveliness available in pin cushion form.

Pin cushion ring by Art nest shop
Tea cup pin cushion by Elizabeth normand
Bottle cap pincushion by Up the creek
Little bunny pin cushion by Lucy's locket
Sweet blue kitten pin cushion by one jelly bean
Linen lace pin cushion by namolio

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Sweeeet Sisters.....

Sisters Market That is!

Why so sweet? Well not because I made a million........wishful thinkin'.
It was sweeee eeet because the things I was selling were the things I loved.

Sure enough I love all my stuff and when I sold my first robot pencil holder I was grinning ear to ear cos' it was my favourite. But you sort of get stuck in a rut of making the things that you know will sell and no longer venture out in to the great unknown with new designs.

This time I did.

I introduced my new souvenir tea towel covered stools, some new recycled art journals and some new pendants in colors that weren't necessarily mainstream fashionable colors, but were all things I loved. I chose them....I made them....just because I liked them. Not because I thought anyone else would like them.

.......and they sold.

You just wanna hug people for lovin' what you love. But you don't want scare them away, so you act all professional and cool like whilst doing an internal happy dance.

Thank you especially to YaYa (Robyn) my market assistant for the day. The funkiest mother in law you'd ever meet and big hug to the bloggy peeps who saw my new stools on here and popped by to get one. I didn't really think about how I would display something big, so they were a wee bit tucked away out of sight. But you found them and loved them. Thank you.

I trialled my new table layout, which had good and bad bits.
Everything fit in much better and there was actually room on the table for air flow....always a good thing. But I sort of built a wall between me and the people, so that was a bad thing.
I spent most of the day standing out front of my stall as I couldn't see from behind it. Back to the drawing board on that one.

I had some lovely neighbors. Miss piggy tales to my right and miss Konstant Kaos across the way.

Got some fab magnets from Myf at 'Fontok', a fantastic new work bag from 'konstant kaos', complete with pockets for my phone and purse and even a little loop inside to hang my finki card holder. I'm lovin' it, and this beautiful nappy change mat for my sis.

We had an amazing response to a new market venture that we were promoting too....more about that soon.

Well, one month till my next market, 'Made in Thornbury'.
So, you know me. I'll be op shopping, continually crafting and working on my next market stall debut. The 'Finki art pendant'. I feel like these are my babies. I've spent so much time thinking about them and finally they are coming to fruition.

I tell you.......the first person to buy one of these, I will most definitely be hugging.