Thursday, August 6, 2009

Girls only!

I'm heading off to Brissie next weekend for a girls only catch up, whilst hubby holds down the fort.
Most of my family live in the sunshine state, so I try to visit as often as I can. But when you have a family and business to run, whilst holding down a part time job it really doesn't get to happen as often as one would like.

My little Sis is 8 months pregnant, so I couldn't have left my visit much later if I was gunna see her before bubs arrives.
We'll be picking up mum, a big box of tissues and heading off to see 'my sisters keeper'. What two better people to see a chick flick with. Hubbies been spared....this time!
First stop Saturday will be The Handmade Expo at the Ipswich Turf club, Bundamba. I've read so many wonderful things about this market and this time it's extra special as the girls of Handmade Expo, Miriam, Liesa and Micky are celebrating there 1st birthday.

I've followed all there blogs and seen there adventures grow, from selling there own crafty wares, to promoting other crafty peeps by running markets and now one of them taking on board Handmade heaven, a retail space supporting handmade.
A truly inspirational little family, who are doing there all to keep handmade alive and kickin'.

With 100 + stalls of handmade, Gourmet fresh, Farmer Dave and birthday cupcakes for the first 500 early birds, I will definitely be going along to join in on the market day celebrations.

The rest of my time is open to suggestion.....well in between good food, family and friends that is.

So if you know any good oppies or markets happening over the weekend of the 15th-16th in between Brisbane and Ipswich, let me know and we'll add it to the itinerary.


  1. No help whatsoever when it comes to itineraries and whatnot but I really, really am feeling like a weekend away now.

  2. Who could say no to free cupcakes? Handmade Expo sounds quite inspirational. Bring back lots of ideas!




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