Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Sun, fun and a whole lot of shopping......

Back from sunny Queensland and what can I say. Beautiful one day perfect the next. Such a horrid cliche but perfectly true. Around 28 every day, blue skies and low humidity. Just what I needed for a little break from our Melbourne winter.
Was great to see Sis before new bubs arrives. She's been on creative overload whilst nesting and has produced the most amazing range of infant wear and nappy bags. The quality and design rival anything I've seen. She's such a perfectionist and carries this through with every creative pursuit she explores. Her bags are so stylish, and amazingly practical, with pockets and pouches for bottles nappies and snacks. I promise to link you all to her shop the minute she's uploaded them.

We caught up with mum to see 'my sisters keeper' which had us crying from the opening credits to last scene. Wasn't impressed with the choice of Diaz for the role of a mum to teenagers, she's far too young. But that aside, it was a very touching movie. Especially if you've ever had someone close to you taken away too soon.......still crying.

On Saturday we all ventured out to Bundamba for the Handmade Expo. I tell you, it was well worth the drive. We got there just after 8 to be greeted by the lovely Miriam, Liesa and Micky.

They are all just the nicest bunch of gals and oh so photogenic. We made it in time to get some cupcakes (first 500 visitors only) and easily kept ourselves busy for the next four hours.
The market was much bigger than I expected and branched off into little wings. Just like a shopping center............ Heaven!!

We started exploring all the crafty goodness whilst live musicians entertained. The beautiful acoustic vocals in the left wing faded as we strolled along to the guitar and vocal talents in the right wing. Strumming a favorite tune of mine, the Israel Kamakawiwo'ole's version of 'somewhere over the rainbow' if you haven't heard it, you must.

The atmosphere was so laid back. There was heaps of room for prams and maneuvering around with lot's of bags, and you really felt like you could stroll and take your time without being pushed and shoved like smaller markets.

I found absolutely heaps of gifts. For the house, the nephew, the babies on the way and for me of course.

After filling my hands with bags and bags of shopping, we stopped in the food and coffee wing for some sustenance in the form of the cutest.....and most delicious cupcakes and coffee.

They had fresh produce, fudge, cakes, pickles, preserves and the awesome aroma of Farmer Dave's BBQ all around us.
On the way out we grabbed some of Dave's Lamb, a quick photo with the man himself who is every bit as charming in real life, and headed off to cook our own Lamb dinner at home.


I wish I could link you to all the fabulous sellers I bough stuff from, but not all of them sell online, so you'll just have to head on over to handmade expo's next market on Sat 26th Sept, to see all the crafty goodness for your self. You won't be disappointed.


  1. OMG...It was such a joy to meet you Jay...It is so fabulous to put a real person to a blog. You were everything that we had thought that you would be. Thanks for sharing this wonderful post. We love what we do and we hope that it shows.
    Don't be a stranger...you are welcome with open arms anytime.

    From your new friend.

  2. Sounds as if you had a fab time up here in the sunshine state! Thanks for sharing it all

  3. It was fab to meet you and your family Jay...as Liesa said it is wonderful to meet a blogland person in real life especially all the way from Melbourne. We are glad you enjoyed what we do and 4 hours... wow girlfriend you can shop... LOL.


  4. Yes, please put up a link to your sis' shop, I'd like to take a peek!

    Jen in Melbourne

  5. I was looking at the pictures and I enjoyed a lot. Hope I can visit the place soon. :) Thank you for sharing!

  6. That looks like so much fun! What a trip.

  7. I think your post title is PERFECT.... "Sun, fun and a whole lot of shopping......". Sounds like you had a fantastic time Jay. I hope you can get back up when your new niece/nephew arrives.

  8. I would be so jealous - if not for the fact we just got back from QLD on the weekend too ;)

    Looks like you had a fab time, can't wait to see the goodies your sis has been making.

  9. Glad you had a great time, I am sure that superb sunshine made it even more enjoyable.

  10. Hi Jay, just get to steal a few moments on Liesas computer whilst minding the shop. It was great to meet you and I'm glad you enjoyed your visit with us! The photos are amazing, we get to see the Handmade Expo through the eyes of a seriously wicked shopper! Thanks for the wonderful post...Talk soon.
    P.S So noice to meet your mum and sister too!


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