Monday, August 10, 2009

Latest oppie delights.....

Didn't want yah thinkin' I was holding back on the op shoppin, just cause I haven't been posting about many of my finds. So I thought it time for just a little show and tell.

You know, ever since I decided to use my souvenir tea towels for my finki stools, I have not found one single tea towel in any way shape or form that vaguely resembled a vintage or retro design.

So my stool venture may be short lived.........
I have a little stash to keep me going. But here's hopin that the old oppie's start producing the goods again soon.

For now, they are producing goods in other ways.

I got these lovely table cloths,

some funky sheets,

and old knitting patterns, all from my last round up at Savers.

I'm too embarrassed to say how much I had to pay for one of the table cloths in particular. It annoyed the hell out of me that they have increased there prices so much. But.... a little part of me knows exactly why they do it.

To deter the dealers.

I used to work at Savers and saw first hand how the dealers came in EVERYDAY when the carts got rolled out, and just took everything and anything that had vintage, retro, antique or collectible appeal. Nothing was left for the average Joe.
So they had to mark it that little bit higher so that the dealers left some things for you and me. Sad part of course, is that you and me pay more now.

Thank god for the little oppies run nanna's where you can still buy a book for 50 cents and a sheet for $2. Sort of balances it out a little.

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  1. Wow! What fabulous goodies. Great colours and patterns. Maybe no teatowel stools but lots of other exciting goodoes I'm sure.


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