Monday, August 24, 2009

Ages ago I bought some funky bibs from the lovely curly pops for my little niece to be. I just adored the fabric and miss curly pops was nice enough to give me some bits and pieces to make all the matching booties.

I blogged about the finished result of the ones I made for Finn a while back and I had hoped that this time round I may have overcome my need for speed and lack of pattern reading to have perfected them.....Well I can dream, can't I .

To the naked eye, they are cute to boot. But to the dressmaker in you all they are a wee bit crooked. GOSH!!!! I can hear my sister laughing all the way from Queensland. OK, o.k, complete truth....they are a lot bit crooked.

But they will stay on, they are cute, and baby to be will love the fact her auntie handmade them.

If you want to have a go at making a peter perfect version, the pattern is available here at jolibebe.

I have one more pair to make for my sister in law, so heres hopin it's third time a treat.


  1. I think they're super sweet.... and now I'm hoping that your sis isn't looking too closely at my self taught sewing skills...hee hee

  2. Gorgeous! And crooked in craft just means all the more perfect :-) It's HANDmade, remember?

  3. Are you not worried about that baby checking out those crooked seams.... you know they can get their feet right up to their face!!

    I'm just being silly Jay... you're so right. Your niece will look beautiful and her parents will think you are so thoughtful and amazing!

  4. That is adorable fabric - you sound just like my mum..she always says "don't look too closely at it"...but I am sure baby won't mind, they look sooo cute.

  5. They are doing a pretty excellent job of perfect from where I'm sitting!

  6. It's not like bub will trip over because you sewed a bit crooked...You are funny! The fabric is amazing :)

  7. I love them, they're adorable! And baby won't care they aren't perfect!


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