Sunday, August 2, 2009

Sweeeet Sisters.....

Sisters Market That is!

Why so sweet? Well not because I made a million........wishful thinkin'.
It was sweeee eeet because the things I was selling were the things I loved.

Sure enough I love all my stuff and when I sold my first robot pencil holder I was grinning ear to ear cos' it was my favourite. But you sort of get stuck in a rut of making the things that you know will sell and no longer venture out in to the great unknown with new designs.

This time I did.

I introduced my new souvenir tea towel covered stools, some new recycled art journals and some new pendants in colors that weren't necessarily mainstream fashionable colors, but were all things I loved. I chose them....I made them....just because I liked them. Not because I thought anyone else would like them.

.......and they sold.

You just wanna hug people for lovin' what you love. But you don't want scare them away, so you act all professional and cool like whilst doing an internal happy dance.

Thank you especially to YaYa (Robyn) my market assistant for the day. The funkiest mother in law you'd ever meet and big hug to the bloggy peeps who saw my new stools on here and popped by to get one. I didn't really think about how I would display something big, so they were a wee bit tucked away out of sight. But you found them and loved them. Thank you.

I trialled my new table layout, which had good and bad bits.
Everything fit in much better and there was actually room on the table for air flow....always a good thing. But I sort of built a wall between me and the people, so that was a bad thing.
I spent most of the day standing out front of my stall as I couldn't see from behind it. Back to the drawing board on that one.

I had some lovely neighbors. Miss piggy tales to my right and miss Konstant Kaos across the way.

Got some fab magnets from Myf at 'Fontok', a fantastic new work bag from 'konstant kaos', complete with pockets for my phone and purse and even a little loop inside to hang my finki card holder. I'm lovin' it, and this beautiful nappy change mat for my sis.

We had an amazing response to a new market venture that we were promoting too....more about that soon.

Well, one month till my next market, 'Made in Thornbury'.
So, you know me. I'll be op shopping, continually crafting and working on my next market stall debut. The 'Finki art pendant'. I feel like these are my babies. I've spent so much time thinking about them and finally they are coming to fruition.

I tell you.......the first person to buy one of these, I will most definitely be hugging.


  1. I love my stool , it`s still waiting at the olive grove to be picked up and taken to it`s new home, i can`t wait.I also cant wait for the new market count me in .

  2. Hee hee I hope your stall in near mine so that I can watch who gets a hug!

  3. LOVE love love your new stools! I wish *I'd* thought of them - well done. Sonny and Coco is cancelled unfortunately, so I'm next at Shirt and Skirt Market on 16 August at Abbotsford Convent ... and I got your lovely HOME cushion finished this weekend and it looks fantastic, too! I'm really happy with it. You're going to love it (I hope).....

  4. Your stools looked fabulous ... I had my eye on one and then I looked over and it was gone! I am looking far too excited in that picture!

  5. the stall looks great - you are becoming the market queen. I love those stools - groovy...

  6. I'm so glad you had a great market, in more ways than one !

  7. Glad to hear it went so well! Couldn't make it across to Brunny on Saturday, had a 3 yo party to attend to. Will definitely be at the Made in Thornbury one, I only live up the road.

  8. What a fantastic post. It is so easy to get stuck in a rut of making the same things that work over and over. But you tried something new and it worked. Good for you. Those stools look great too.

  9. Congratulations ! No wonder you did well those stools are great .

  10. I am glad you had a great day Jay, the day definitely picked up I think for all. Looking forward to finding out more about your market venture. have a great week.

  11. Hi Jay
    I wish I could see your stall in real looks amazing!!


  12. You are certainly looking very professional these days. Congrats! Worth all the hard work. The stools look fantastic!!!

  13. I want to see that hug aswell!!!
    great look to your layout and fantastic about the stool lovin.


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