Sunday, August 9, 2009

A recipe for added cuteness.....

I've been at Finn's wardrobe again with some transfer magic.

Using lots of funky creations I picked up at recent markets stalls of the lovely Tiges and Weince.

I grabbed 2 iron on transfers at Sisters market, 2 at Sonny and Coco and one at Mathilda's Market I believe. She must think I'm a stalker for sure!

They had been put away for a rainy day and finally I got around to doing them.
Really it's just the cleverest way to personalise a t-shirt, pants or bag. Not just for the little peeps either!

So I started with this......

5 basic tee's for $5 ea at your local best and less.

Then I added 5 too cute, iron on transfers. Available as a special deal of any two for $8.00 from Tiges and Weince. Then apply a little heat from your iron. and your done.......too easy.

Of course I did do a little top stitching just for fun. Some zig zag, some straight stitch.
I couldn't be more in love with the result.

In the end each shirt ended up costing only $9. Such a bargain, really cute, and a little bit different too.
Lovin' it.


  1. They look great! I've been thinking about adding some of my transfers to my market stock but wasn't sure how they'd go. I think I definately will now.


  2. Love them Jay... and looks like Finn approves too!

  3. They look amazing! Your colour and print choices have come up great. I'm always promising myself to customise some shirts for Jack. Maybe now that he's moving into size 0 I'll get around to it - an easier project for his birthday than what I had in mind, considering how busy I am this month!

  4. I don't think your a stalker at all I am glad you get as much fun out of them as I do.
    Finn looks super cute modelling for you!!
    Thanks again for the mention. Ky

  5. Gorgeous! What a lucky boy to have such a clever mum.


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