Friday, April 27, 2012

A little ray of sunshine...

A little ray of sunshine has entered my world in the way of some amazing new art for my bedroom.

This adorable custom piece was made by none other,
 then the lovely Cathy aka Tinniegirl.

It was delivered last week to my messy, disorganized and somewhat chaotic home and I just couldn't bare to put it up amidst the shambles. So it was perched upon a chair and waited so patiently for the perfect time to find a home.

In its waiting place was a big old petition. A Gothic/religious piece, very dark and ominous.
Not at all the sort of look I try to create these days, more a relic of the past.
So I was happy to move it on, which paved the way for my new artwork to bring life back into the room.

 Once the painting was up, I dug out my lanterns that were tucked away, waiting for a place to go. They were a present from kizzy that I got over a year ago and hadn't made time to hang yet. Together, they really change the space. I don't know if a painting can change the size of a room, but I'm sure it is bigger now.
More then anything, I think its about having something so bright and fun and freeing in my room that makes it feel bigger.

Each time I walk in I can't help but smile 
and each time I look at the painting I see something new.

It has such depth, joy and good energy and is such a perfect pick of colors, shapes and words to represent me. How lucky am I to know such a talented artist who was able to take a blank canvas, think what I might like on it and create something so spot on.

Gosh I loves it and how it has transformed my bedroom.
Cathy ... you is amazing xx.

Jay x

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A little bit of magic...

A little out of my element, o.k 'A LOT'...
but spurred on by the amazing gardens up at my Mums,
we decided to spend these school holidays doing something a little different.

It started with some seedlings,

And a little help from some friends,

A good sprinkle of magic here and there...

and the necessary fire pit for toasting marshmallows.

A bit of paving beside the cubby for the cars to park,

Top of the list those ones were ...

and there you have it.

Our remodeled back yard
complete with veggie patches
that might even grow something we could eat one day!

Jay xx