Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A little bit of magic...

A little out of my element, o.k 'A LOT'...
but spurred on by the amazing gardens up at my Mums,
we decided to spend these school holidays doing something a little different.

It started with some seedlings,

And a little help from some friends,

A good sprinkle of magic here and there...

and the necessary fire pit for toasting marshmallows.

A bit of paving beside the cubby for the cars to park,

Top of the list those ones were ...

and there you have it.

Our remodeled back yard
complete with veggie patches
that might even grow something we could eat one day!

Jay xx


  1. jay, I think I saw you at the lark garage sale, but I was a bit too nerdy to come and say hi.
    So hi now...


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