Monday, March 12, 2012

Still here....

Has been a while, I know. But I is still makin' stuff,

New art canvas's

still hanging with the family,Little one turned 4 and big one started high school.

and majorly dealing with my health after an annoying little diagnosis of C.F.S and I.B.S shaking my world and making me focus on a life without my few true loves. Wheat, dairy and sugar...
Wish me luck, cause it aint gunna be easy to say goodbye to those babies.

A fun little painting I did while hanging' with the kids one weekend.

I'm sick of being sick and tired all the time, so something had to give and the idea of going a day without ending in sheer exhaustion or pain is an idea that makes it worthwhile.

Will keep you posted on my progress and know that any and all advice is welcome.
Very early days for me and somewhat drowning a little in the thought of how to tackle changing my 37 years of daily bread eating habits...
Jay xx


  1. Hey I don't eat wheat, gluten, dairy products or sugar. You get used to it because you enjoy feeling well!

  2. That painting is something special my friend. How wonderful to see you painting and liking what you have created. So proud of you.

    Really sorry to read the news about your health. You will find your way with this though. I know you will.

    Look forward to catching up.

  3. you poor thing, hope you get some good recipes and strategies. I myself have been trying to work on my dysfunctional eating and it's related health problems. Surrounding yourself with supportive people definitely helps.

  4. I am sorry to hear you have been so unwell Jay - I had no idea.You have a lovely family and I am sure they will be supportive so remember to draw on their strengths. I do hope you are feeling better and the change in diet isn't too hard ... Hey you know that graffiti you have featured on the middle canvas (standing up) - that is one of my faves - I took a foto of it a couple of years ago and have used it on birthday cards and the like - we share an aesthetic you and I!


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