Sunday, June 7, 2009

That's one cute bootie......

A baby bootie....of course!

I had the pleasure of receiving 3 damn fine bibs this week, courtesy of the fantastically crafty curlypops.
There are two babies on the way in our little circle of friends. One for my sister and the other for my sister in law. So, two of the bibs have been put aside for the minute, till I have time to make the matching booties.

But today, I did make a pair for Finn, to match the robot bib I got from Cam.

Cam was nice enough to give me some scraps in the matching fabrics so I could make the matching booties for each of them...she's an absolute gem!

Boy am I glad I started with Finn's, cause I tell yah I made so many mistakes.

I bought the pattern during the ozbushfire appeal, from jolibebe ages ago and only just got round to using it. The instructions are really easy to follow. It would seem that I'm just not so good at reading instructions.
when I make my own patterns, I know my seam allowances and little things like that so that everything turns out super, but having not paid attention to the fine details on someone else's I stuffed it up big time.
Firstly i did the seam allowances to small and had all this excess that made the top not fit the bottom grrrrrr, then I sewed the top on backwards. So after unpicking and going again my machine decided it didn't like sewing through a seam and three layers of denim at top speed grrrrr stupid needle snapped!
Finally, got it all happening, learnt from all my mistakes in bootie one, so bootie two went a lot smoother ....then.......then.................. IT DIDN'T FIT.
It's too big. Finn's only a little tacker so the 12-18 month one is just too big.
Now a bit of forward planning and 1 minute with a measuring tape could have avoided this, but as usual I went at it like a bull out the gate.
They'll fit soon enough and at least I made all the stuff ups on mine, so the two for presents will be perfect.
I'll post them when I'm done. The colors in them are fabulous.


  1. This all sounds quite familiar to me !

  2. So we can't admire them on his feet... they look gorgeous in the photo!

    Great bib from Curlypops too.

  3. A perfect Finki/CurlyPops team combination. What super handcrafted gifts that I am sure will be greatly admired and appreciated.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Jen in Melbourne

  4. That's gorgeous! And lol on how you sew- that's exactly how I do it. And I always run like a bull on my good fabrics, too- like I couldn't just pause and do a trial on some scraps. Sigh :-)

  5. Awww the little booties are so cute!
    I'm terrible at following instructions too. I just make things on the fly and hope for the best.


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