Sunday, June 14, 2009

Saturday's day at the Sister's Market.

Another market over and three weeks to go till the next one at Sonny and Coco. So, plenty of time to get my act together and produce lots more goodies.

I've got a bit of re stocking to do, as I sold all my story book baskets, most of my pen holders and nearly all of my new art journals. But high on the agenda will be some knit rings for Jen, a lovely blogger who always pops by to say hello and brighten my day.
I'll do some basic block colors, but I think I'll do a few with contrast crotchet edges, and maybe some needlework too.

I had the chance to catch up with quite a few bloggy peeps, thank you for taking the time to stop buy and out yourselves. It's so nice to put a faces to all the wonderful, crafty posts I read.

It was a funny market today, lots of early shoppers....lots. Then a dead stop at 2. From then on, I think it was just locals drifting in. None the less it was a profitable day, and aside from making money, I always walk away having met lots of nice people, having had the chance to get to know my fellow stall holders and of course getting immediate feedback on my goodies...the good, bad and ugly. All of it is so valuable.
I am none the wiser as to 'what people want', which really just reinforces the fact that you should just do what you like, rather than guess what people might like. At least that way you can stand there and really love everything you have to offer, knowing it wasn't influenced by fashion or fad, just pure personal inspiration.

Moving along, let me tell you about my shopping adventures at the market. Fortunately my partner in crime came along to help man the stall, so I could duck away for chit chat's and shopping.

My first stop was to say hello to Kylie over at tiges and weince. I had bought a t-shirt transfer from her during the week and loved the end result, so I had to buy more. I got a blue starry giraffe, which I'll stitch on with orange I think for a fun contrast.
I also picked up some of her funky book marks, I'm glad I did cause they were going like hotcakes. If I left it any later I would have missed out.

Next up I grabbed some chai & honey (yumm) lip balm, from back of the moon day spa. I got heaps from her last time I saw her at the sisters, so I knew it was good.
My neighbour again, was the fabulous miss piggy tales. She's always expanding her range with the funkiest Japanese fabrics, so I just had to have one more piece from the range. I got this red and white babushka pony tail holder.
My across the road neighbour, was Bronwyn from retro bub, where I got Finn the cutest little boy tee with a blue retro space ship on front. All her stuff was just so cute, especially for little girls, but I had to stop and remind my self that I was there to make money.....

Well not before a visit over at Lark. I'm sooooo glad they came all the way from Daylesford. I just had to get a donut rattle for one of the babies on the way, and when I saw how super special the price was I also grabbed peas in a pod, and a watermelon.
Later in the day my daughter popped in for a visit with grandma, sporting a badge that said, I love craft........'where'd you get that from I said'. At Lark's stall.
aggghhh, how could I not see it.
Back to the table, and I found a heap of too cute badges that I just needed to have.
Then My lovely boss Sarah, popped by to say hello. I showed her my Lark rattles, thinking she might like them for her niece. She came back and showed me the cutest knitted beanie she found. 'Where's that from' I say.
Lark......oh my god, how could I have missed it.
So i was back there again to add a beanie to my collection for new babies on the way.
I promise I wasn't stalking Alison and Steph!
I'm amazed at my poor skills of scanning a table and actually seeing all the things I might like. I must have done a 'boy look'

Lastly but not leastly, I finally committed to buying something from Shannon at rabbit and the duck. I love her stuff, and I'm always there touching it...poor Shannon, probably thought I was a stalker too. But what I needed was something to use as a new cosmetics purse. Being the difficult customer that I am, I couldn't commit to oneof the patterns that were there could I?
So I'm getting one made in a babushka print, with a zip. I'll be picking it up at the next Sonny and Coco market, so I'll post you a pick, when it's done.


  1. Great post! Boy did you shop up a storm!! Thank you for the shout-out. I love your blog and the Finki range. My Finki basket is being used to hold my Finki accessories. Finki perfect!

    I'll let you know if I can make it to Sonny & Coco closer to the date, but if not, back at Sisters' for sure.

    Jen in Melbourne

  2. Great to hear the market was so successful for you Jay, with what you sold and what you bought!

  3. hehe funny post : ) I have never once thought of you as a stalker : ) and I know what you mean about Lark - I saw so many of their red and white stripe bags coming past my stall, and just had to ask everyone what they had bought : ) thanks for the chat yesterday - see you in a few weeks at sonny & coco. I'll have your purse ready : )

  4. Oh it sounds like it was a great market yet again. I am so very sorry I missed it. My head was in the clouds. I can't believe I forgot it was on.

    Congrats on all your success! I love all your work

  5. Wow ...sounds like a fantastic market. Glad you did well and you sure picked up lots of lovely things.

  6. You always pick up the grooviest things at the market. Glad you had a great day!

  7. I'm so jealous! You guys have the best markets down south! We have a good one here at The Handmade Expo but dont you always want something you cant have !! (Bit of a plug there sorry !) When we go to Melbourne next I am so going to have to plan dates around markets...

  8. You have been a busy girl. I like watching your product line developing and expanding. Good work!

  9. I think you would have run out of time to even brave the cold. I think i might have seen you at the design market on Sunday with your head in a pile of badges.Looks like it was a great market, i`m going to be doing the October one.

  10. Wow! What a great round up and a great day of shopping. Thanks for all the links! And thanks for the visit yesterday. I'm also super happy that you sold out of so much stuff- yay!

  11. ooooohhhh that pony tail holder is just gorgeous! Great buys! ...amanda x

  12. Sounds likes you had a fabulous day in so many ways! Thanks for a peek into your day!


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