Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Adelaide's oppie offerings.....

We headed off to Adelaide over the weekend for a family shindig and managed to squeeze in some fabbo op shopping along the way.

The day started off frosty and foggy in the wee hours of the morning, as we filled the car with blankies, munchies and music to keep us going. 4 hours later, we were hot, bored and covered in crumbs. These road trips always start out to be such a good idea!

We bypassed our usual breakfast stop in Ballarat and continued on to our lunch pit stop at Horsham. This turned out to be a fabulous choice for our lunchtime break as we had time to shop a while at the book fair conveniently open, just as were passing through.

I couldn't see prices, so I just gathered up a fine lookin' collection and hoped for the best. pile was getting bigger than me, so I thought I better ask prices, so I could work to a budget.
Are you ready for it.................. 50 cents each...........................
I was soooo excited. Definitely made this road trip so much better lookin'.

I ended up with heaps of vintage little golden books, some sci-fi fiction for Ty, some kids chapter books for Kierah, the odd 50's craft, sewing and gardening books and the best of all a complete set of 18 golden hands encyclopedias from the 70's.
I actually have a set I scored in Brisbane when were living up there, which my sister made me promise to leave to her in my will. So when I saw these at such an affordable price, I just had to grab them for her.

So now that I had taken up the last of the leg room in the little car with all my books, we grabbed some Macca's, had a run at the park, then continued on.

By about 6, we arrived at Dot's. (Ty's nan) Greeted with the worlds best sausages rolls and potato and leek soup. Yum!
Finn thought dot's place was the best Museum he's ever been to.
Dot's one of those oh so huggable nannas that has a house full of trinkets spanning the generations of all whom lived there.

From the pressed out foil wrappers of 40's lollies and the numerous gift cards kept from every birthday, mothers day and anniversary over the last 50 odd years to the little statuettes of big eyed cats, floral swans, doting deer, and cutesy rabbits. There is always so much to look at and such a wonderful sense of history and home.

Saturday we op shopped in Mt barker, Hahndorf and Bridge water. Lots of goodies to share.
Firstly some knitted blankies, gifts for all the babies on the way.

Then some 1970's new idea magazines....

and the best find was this drawer out of a micro biologist lab. There was a few there, but I really liked this one with fossils written on the front. I plan to use it for my little vintage notebook display at the next market, if I get it cleaned up on time.

The day finished with the family shindig', a whirlwind event of chit chat, balloons, too much food in one sitting.....

and an awfully long rendition of the chicken dance. Intended to embarrass my brother in law, but somehow I got sucked in too!


  1. I just gasped in delight at the photo of that old drawer. That is Op Shop gold.
    I think I seriously need to go on a country op shopping adventure.

  2. I *love* the drawer!! I'd have abandoned all of the other goodies and gone for all of the drawers :D

  3. Wow some great finds, and your daughter looks just like a mini-you!

  4. Horsham must be the place to OP shop, I know of someone else who gets great stuff there too! ooops - secrets out now...

  5. i'm glad you could squeeze all that stuff into the car without having to leave a kid behind! i'm really looking forward to my visit to adelaide next month- an op shop blitz is high on the agenda

  6. All fantastic finds, you lucky op shopper you!

  7. Thanks for entering, I will look out for you this weekend. I love the golden hands books, such a great score.


  8. Oh you did good! I live in Mt Barker... and it seems you have found some of our lovely hills op-shops. The Bridgewater CFS op-shop is one of the best for strange finds!

  9. I was born in Horsham and when evrer anyone mentions it I have to comment... Great finds op shopping, did you by pass the best shoe shop in Australia in Ballarat?


  10. Hi,
    No worries, i`m there next Saturday or i can pop down any day thats good for you as i only live up the road and it`s always a good excuse to go for a bike ride. Most of my things go to a size 20.

  11. some great scores - the drawer is amazing!!

  12. are you sure you went to Adelaide for family? ;) I think it was a ploy to do the OP shop tour..hehe
    great drawer, will look fantastic at your stall.
    hope the kids were good for you in the car, I could visualize the crumbs, soo funny :)

  13. Sounds like the perfect weekend... something to make each family member happy!

    I am I must say... I can't believe you:
    1) did the chicken dance, and
    2) confessed to it!!!

    Very funny!


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