Thursday, June 25, 2009

Paper and kids stuff.....

Paper and kids stuff indeed!
That's what my weekend was all about.

On Sunday we headed over the Mathilda's market. To support the bloggers I knew, tiges and weince, buttons by loulou and Lark.
Mathilda's is a market stocking sellers promoting kids only stuff. You know we have a few babies on the way in our little circle, so I was on the hunt for more little gifties to add to my stash. High on the agenda too, was to find some new shoes for Finn. He's quickly out growing all his old ones.

It was such a busy market. I'd highly recommend it, as a buyer and a stall holder. Such a great offering of goodies. From clothes, handmade toys, blankies, and rattles to jewellery, artwork and footwear. It's a feast for the eyes.
The only bad things was the sheer volume of people, including those silly enough to bring prams, made it really hard to get around, and to see things properly. We knew it would be a mass gathering of parents with babies and children, so it made sense to put finny in his backpack and try to ease congestion a bit. If only everyone else had thought of that too!

I got some fabbo screen printed singlets for the Queensland Bub, which i intend on making little floral shorties to match. I did find some shoes for Finn. they had the cutest ones to chose from, with dragons and dinosaurs stitched on, but the stars were the winner today, Some more little goodies from Lark and lastly some cards from Print space. I have admired their prints at a few markets now, and could never decide on just one, so the offer of 3 gift cards for $10 settled the deal. I'll frame them all when we move.

Mathilda's was an early market, so we had time in the arvo ( aussie am I), to head over for the last day of the Paperific expo at he showgrounds. Thanks to Beky at Pivotal expressions for the heads up on that one.
I managed to find my self a new hobby, more about that later...and the most amazing selection of papers. Usually used for scrap booking purposes but you know I like to think outside the box. Suffice to say you'll see a few of them built up into my range of three dimensional stitched items. Very exciting.

Lots on the drawing board this week. With clay, embossing, and stitching. All revealed in my next post.


  1. Jay, I LOVE your shopping style!!
    you are always certain to come back from a market with so many gorgeous goodies :)
    Can't wait to see & hear about your new hobby ideas.

  2. Ooh, the mystery! I want to know now :-)

    It looks like a great market- I'll definitely head to it when I'm back. Thanks for the round up. xx

  3. OOhhhh is this what I have to look forward in my up and comming scissor holders? Can't wait.

  4. Mathilda's Market really is an experience isn't it! Did you ask for the price of the stall .. well over $200 for the day. eep!

    Looking forward to hearing about your new hobby!

  5. Hi, just came here from curly pops, I'm curious to see what you will create with your paperific purchases!


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