Monday, June 22, 2009

It can't always go perfectly......

My mum always said if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all....well..... that wouldn't make for a very interesting blog post at all.

So I'll reserve my negativity about Saturdays market stall to one sentence.
Cold, wet, windy, slow going, disorganized, and small.

O.k now that that's out of my system, lets move on to the good bits. Firstly, this bunch.

The talented faces behind Melbourne Epicure, Pepperberry and co, Mish mash mosaics, Polly Pratt, and Curlypops
The best group of girls to share a market day with. So supportive, friendly and amazingly talented. Along with them I had the pleasure of catching up with, Jen, Lara, Mel, Nic, liz and a few of the lovely locals.
Of course there was the best pear tart from Cathy's stall Melbourne epicure, with some gingerbread men stashed away for the kids.

and what day is complete without a spot of shopping. I got a fabulous bookmark from Pepperberry and co,

and another Curlypops brooch to add to my ever growing brooch collection.

I grabbed the cutest wizard of oz bib from curlypops too, but It had already been gifted before I could photograph it, but trust me when I say it was goooooorjus!

The lovely shannon of Rabbit and the duck also popped by, to deliver my new makeup purse, pictured here with some R&D magnets that I picked up at the last Sonny&Coco market.
I just adore my new zippy pouch right down to the red spotty lining.

We all gave up on having to chase our stock each time the wind blew, and called it quits an hour before home time. My apologies to Nikki and anyone else who braved the weather to pop by after we'd gone. I honestly didn't know we were going to be outside, and arrived terribly unprepared for the weather.

Next time, I know to ask!
What I love about all my other markets, is the fact they are indoors. So come rain, hail or shine I'll be there.

After we packed up, I headed down to the market at Northcote town hall and picked up a few goodies,before heading home and sharing those ginger bread men, alongside a hot cuppa.


  1. Wow! You managed to do some wonderful shopping. I always try not to shop until I've sold something, but that was never going to happen at that market! I love your sentence, too. :-)

  2. ugh! sorry to hear it was an outside market in winter...who`d have thought?!

  3. yeahey, I know what you mean about being totally unprepared weather wise! At least you still managed to do some fantastic shopping :)
    I got a cute bib from Ms Curlypops aswell, VERY cute.
    glad you enjoyed the sweet treats & I too was looking forward to a hot cuppa after that chilly experience.

  4. Hi Jay, I'm feeling your pain regarding the weather. So far on our Handmade Expos it has never rained. We are indoors though but moving outdoors in August, lets hope we can get through another year without rain on OUR Saturday! I have a bag of rocks in paper bags that I take to my outdoor markets to put on top of flyaway goodies ! Funny really, I should wash the rocks and paint something on them!

  5. No no no apology necessary Jay. Honestly, I was impressed that you guys all lasted as long as you did. It's obvious why you are so disppointed.

    And you did your mother proud. You keot tyourself nice yet expressed so much in just 8 little words!!!

  6. You sure know how to shop Jay. Boo, to outside markets -especially this time of year. Live and Learn. At least you got to hang out with some nice people and buy stuff!!!

  7. Your a brave soul & I think I would have been just as peeved to say the least. Congrats on you and all the girls supporting each other. YAY for indoor markets, YAY for markets altogether.

  8. Even though the weather was crappy I still managed to have some fun hanging out with all of the lovely ladies.... but it was very nice to head home and defrost!

  9. It looks like you did some lovely shopping... I love markets and buing such beautiful creative things from all the wonderful Handmadies...


  10. I feel you pain about doing outside markets. They are freezing, demoralising and damn hard work! They idyll of sitting crafting behind a stall with warm cosiness quickly slipped away after one outdoor winter market!

  11. I had a fun day , i`m going to post about it tonight. I have been sick most of the week and just no energy to do anything.
    Catch up at the Sonny and Cocco.


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