Thursday, July 2, 2009

What's new pussycat......

Whoa, whoa, .....
Now that I've got you singin' lets move on to what really is new in the world of Finki.


It's almost market time again and I'm sure you've noticed the ebb and flow of my creativity stems around that time of the month, well not that time...the other time. The week and a half of sheer chaos that leads up to my monthly market stall, where I'm rarely seen with out a needle in my hand and my head Misses hitting the pillow before midnight every night.

But it's all good. I've figured out that this is how I work. I could pace myself and do a bit each day, but that's far too organized and calm and just not me.
So for two weeks I rest, then for two weeks it's ON.

This two weeks of creativity brings you:

New, New, New.....storybook baskets, pencil holders, notepads, bowls, recipe card holders, scissor holders, glass and fabric pendants and more!

A feast of new and old papers and materials have been used, still keeping in theme with my love of all things bright beautiful and vintage inspired.

All this will be on show, Sunday 5th July at the Sonny and Coco Market from 10 - 3.

Do drop by and say hello to me and the many other fantastically crafty bloggers on board.

Flicketty splits.
Rabbit and the duck.
Polly pratt.
Tiges and weince.
Konstant Kaos.
Craving frocks.

and we can't forget the tasty stylings of melbourne epicure. YUM!


  1. OOoohh!! There are a few things there that I'd love to have a closer look at.

    Jen in Melbourne

  2. Your new stuff looks great Jay. And congrats on the revelation on how you work. I hope this takes some pressure off yourself. Good luck at the market.

  3. Have a great market - I can't make it for a visit...drats!
    Do I spy Scuffy the Tugboat?

  4. Jay, I laugh everytime I read your posts! I love your sense of humour :)
    LOVE your new stuff, especially that cute owl.
    I definitely know what you mean about the pacing yourself...hmmm, doesn't work like that for me either. I really should be baking now..ooops.
    Thanks for the mention, I'm looking forward to Sunday & will have some savoury delites aswell.
    off to do some tomorrow aswell.

  5. Loving the notion of a two week 'holiday' every fortnight!

  6. I am looking forward to Sunday Jay, not only as it's a new market for me but your new stuff is looking realy cool. Can't wait to see it live. See you Sunday.

  7. Oh, I wish I could see your show in person. Wishing you tons of sales!


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