Monday, July 6, 2009

Definitely not sunny for this coco.......

T'was the night before market when all through the house, the littlen's were sleeping quite as a mouse. Mum was up stitching and packaging with the glee, the finishing touches for the stall of 'Finki'.

Morning rose and the table was set, better this time, my best one yet.

But where were the crowds? I catered to thee!
Luckily friends and family came see....

Was it the rain, that damned winter weather, was it my regrowth or bad breath! No never.

Questions, queries....who, what, when where, and why?
Life's wasted just guessing, so let's not try.

Not try, figure out if we did something wrong! Just have faith in our craft, and sing a happy song.

For the day gave time to reflect and to share, with the wonderful bunch of gals who were there.

My neighbour, dear Shannon from rabbit and duck, brought cupcakes to share, what good luck.

I had chit chats with Anna, Kylie, Jen and Jenny, Felicity,Nikki, Margaret and Beky.

Tasty treats from Melbourne Epicure, Yum!

Covered my costs, and a little more. Enough to by scrumptious tarts and gingerbread at the door.

Will I visit again, and take a punt in Preston, not sure really.
Can't answer that question!


  1. Oh Jay, I am soooooo excited!! You are the first person to give me my own tag (label). Thank you v. much!!!

    Now that I've finished basking in my own fame. I will comment that I'm pleased that you at least covered costs. I enjoyed S&C much better this time, I think it does have heaps of potential to grow and make a name for itself.

    Sorry I didn't stay and chat much. I had just gotten over the flu and was trying to minimise any residual germ spread.

    Jen in Melbourne

  2. What I want to know is if market organisers read the blogs of stallholders in the days following to see what we really thought of the experience. I know I've been forcedly upbeat in one review so as not to tick off the organiser.

    I feel the same - I really don't know if I'd do it again. It's an expensive day out to have no-one show up.

  3. I made a comment but the computer ate it.

    I agree that I don't know if I'd do it again - it's an expensive day out to not have anyone turn up.

  4. Oh! How delightful, you must have been a poet in your pre indie artist life !

  5. LOVE your poetry!
    It was quiet & cold so if I wasn't there I don't think that I would even attempt to take the kids out to a market.
    Hopefully it gets better though, glad your costs were recovered and it is a nightmare days before the market as the grownups work while the little ones sleep.
    nice to see you & Mr Finki on Sunday.

  6. Great you recovered your costs but still I'm sure very disappointing for the time and work you put in. When we do farmers markets everything goes, fruit and veg are necessitites but I have such ups and downs at craft markets. When I am up all night stitching and packing the car I build up my hopes and then the naxt day, hoping people will come and adore what I've made........and if they don't........maybe next time. I love your work. Love Kate

  7. Your poetry certainly seemed to sum it up nicely - lets hope the market coordinators can see what the stallholders thought.. it's such a shame - especially when the weather isn't so great...


  8. Hey hey you're a poet - did you know it?
    Maybe we should all just hibernate during winter, and just market in Summer, Autumn and Spring.

  9. :-( I'm shattered to hear it was a bummer of a day. So many amazing bloggers were there with so much gorgeous craft on offer- what a shame. I wonder what the cause is? I went to the last one and it was packed! I do wonder if Jennie over at Craving Frocks is right in that we should organise our markets around the seasons...

  10. Hi Jay and all reading this gorgeous blog!

    As an Organiser of the Sonny and Coco Sunday Market, I definitely read our stallholders blogs and take all feedback on board.

    We go to huge efforts to not only make the set up and organisation of the market accommodating to the Stallholders (being a stallholder for many years myself) but we also do a huge amount of advertising to bring in the public.

    The two things we can’t control (wish we could) is the amount of people coming through and the adverse weather. I was very excited that the May Market was the best market most stallholders have ever had in terms of profitability. Unfortunately it was a cold day for the July market and the same result was not achieved for all yet better than the last for others.

    We tried our best with the heaters and being indoors is a bonus.

    The array of stallholders was fantastic and the stalls were full with beautiful things.
    We added the fairy face painter to entertain the little ones and the mobile van for those coffee lovers not to travel too far away.
    Also, how could you resist the beautiful treats from m.e?

    Our aim is to support the community and offer an enjoyable Sunday market full of all things nice...

    We hope that you continue to support the Sonny and Coco Sunday market as we would like to continue to support you.

    Someone once mentioned to me... "We never question whether something is fair when it's good. But when something doesn't go our way, the first thing we say is, "This isn’t fair."

    We hope each market is more successful than the last.. and we hope to continue to collaborate together.

    Take care,

    Sadie – On behalf of the Sonny and Coco Sunday Market

  11. It's sad that it wasn't a great day. I really wanted to go too. That being said I think a bit more publicity wouldn't have gone astray. Unless you blog or follow blogs you wouldn't necessarily know it was on. Perhaps the organisers should look into publicizing it a bit more??

  12. Wow you rhyme!!Another hidden talent. MMMM not sure I will do it again, I covered markets costs with a $2.90 profit WOO HOO. I actually have never had such a chance so look at everyone elses product, which is a positive.

  13. You have a wonderful way of reflecting on things Jay. I was wondering about S&C and how the next one was going to go.

  14. Do you think less people turned up because a lot of the stalls with clothes weren't there? I agree with Melanie, they need to do more advertising, outside blogs.

  15. the most disappointing thing for me is that I generally set a budget of how much I can spend on others if I sell a certain amount. I ended up with $15 splash money on Sunday (which I think was spent mostly at your stall!) ... not a great deal!

    I think we need to get together with CravingsFrocks and kick around some ideas.

  16. maybe everyone had a bad hair day and couldn't leave the house!

    i'm sad to hear s&c market didn't get the same crowds as last time. there are so many variables involved. i believe it comes down to the mood people feel on the day when they wake up.


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