Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Take a seat.....

It was only a matter of time before my range expanded to include a product so useful in today's society, that it's need on my market stall could no longer be ignored.
The product of choice was born out of need to find a wonderfully practical use for all my souvenir tea towels.

I was eager to make aprons, handbags, pillows and even baby bootees with them, But they are all being done. More importantly, they are being done by people I've met in my crafty travels that I'd like to call friends. So as much as I wanted to do my own spin on a handbag or bootee, I scrapped the idea and went back to the drawing board.
I continued to add to my collection of tea towels whilst on my travels, knowing that one day soon they'd join the 'Finki' range. Just wasn't sure how!

So with out further ado I introduce to you the 'Finki stool'.

Perfectly bright, bold and beautiful and so very practical......... Very me indeed.

The range of 'Finki stools' (featuring my brand spanking new woven labels) will debut at the next Sisters Market, Sat 1st August.


  1. Good work Jay! Finki fantastic!

    Jen in Melbourne

  2. But that's like, serious upholstery! Well then. You really don't stop creating even while 'holidaying'...

  3. I love it . I think i should start saving!!!


  4. Looks very inviting indeed.

  5. Ingenious!
    It's so difficult to think if something new - something that no-one else is already making.

  6. Very cool Jay, Dont you feel so proud when you design an original ? These will walk out the door!

  7. FANTASTIC Jay!! you are an amazing talent.
    hope they do fantastically.

  8. Absolutely love them. Can't wait to check them out in real life.

  9. very very nice ... I am definately interested in these ... perhaps if I gave you a few tea towels! Great job!

  10. Can't wait to see them Jay. I am guessing you have a HUGE collection of tea towels?


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