Thursday, December 22, 2011

The doll house...

After a crazy two months of preparing stock for Christmas, December has been all about birthdays and making presents.

We have two birthdays this month. My niece and my father in law.
F.I.L was born on Christmas day, so I can't spoil the surprise by showing his gifts yet, but for our spunky little niece we have had a project on the go for months.

The 'doll house'

Completely made by hand, via the uber talented F.I.L, then a major group effort in painting and decorating.

Sorta felt like renovation rescue, when we were handed a shell on a Wednesday with a few days left to completely decorate and fit out, ready for gift giving.

From the check tiled kitchen complete with disco balls and flying ducks, to the couch upholstered with vintage tea towels, it certainly has turned out to be OOAK.

Let me give you a tour.

Bathroom complete with shower curtain, towels and even a grandpa on the toilet.

Kids room, with draws and handmade bed.

Master bedroom, so chic....



and lounge.

Such an amazing amount of work went into making it and I'm sure at some stage we all said...maybe we should have just bought one.

But the end result is something so much more then money could buy.
Yay, for hand made.
Jay xx


  1. This is the most awesome dolls house that I have ever seen. It is truly amazing. Makes me wish I was a little girl again.

  2. Disco balls in the kitchen! I hope to see that in real life some day. :-)

  3. wow awesome! you should do some tutorials, I'd love to know how furniture and decorations were made

  4. This is incredible! How lovely.


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