Monday, January 11, 2010

January's design theme...

It's time for the monthly design challenge to begin.
Thanks to random the lucky number chosen is number 2.

If we flick back a post or two the categories reveal that number two is........

Turning Japanese

1: Planes, trains and automobiles
2: Turning Japanese
3: Weird science
4: Birds of fancy
5: Music and dance
7:Wild west
8: Fantastic Flora
9: food, glorious food
10: Seeing circles
11: It's hip to be a square
12: Steam punk
13: Technological
14: European travels
15: The great vacation
16:I see red, I see red, I see red....(or whatever color we choose this month)
17: Space....the final frontier.
18: Circus
20:The animal kingdom
21:Our furry friends

The challenge is open to everyone and can be interpreted any way you see fit.

Inspiration may come in the form of bold geometric prints, feminine blossom designs, quirky 50's gadgetry and tin toys, calligraphy, shoes, tacky vintage cosmetic advertising, propaganda posters and more.

Take that inspiration and turn it into anything your heart desires.
Jewellery, clothes, quilts, sculpture, painting, pencil cases, toys, furniture, stationary or even a cupcake!
Your only limited by your own imagination.

Send me pics of your finished works, no matter how great or small, by the end of January and we'll have a bloggy exhibition of all the fantastic craft submitted.

I can't wait to see what wonderful things are created this month.


  1. excited! I will be cheating a wee bit with this one as I have just completed a Japanese piece ;)

  2. I desperately need a creative kickstart for the New Year and I think this might be just the ticket! Can I play - pretty please (with sugar on top)?

    Ps - love the regeneration of dress to top - tres chic! I agree nanna bra straps are naff - am always looking for ways to hide them!

  3. Great Idea. I'll give it a go.
    The other day I found some lino with an oriental cherry blossom design....perfect!

  4. Do you have a blog button? I want to play along and show you off heehe

  5. So excited! And it'll be very refreshing to make something thoroughly different to the project I'm currently researching.

    No idea what I'm going to make though.

    P.S. This is Mrs Beckinsale not logged in properly.

  6. YAY. I've had a project in mind (that would fit the theme), bought the books to help me do it etc, just haven't got around to it. Maybe this is the motivation I need!

  7. Great theme, now just have to think of a design.

  8. i've had this piece of japanese style fabric in my stash for ages. wasn't sure what to do with it, but now i've had an idea :)

    I'm in!

  9. Mmm... it's funny, but this theme is really going to make me think - make me come up with something new, as that is what my whole crafty business is about... Japanese influenced design... this is going to push me to finishing something new from my sketchbook.


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