Sunday, January 31, 2010

A new top for foxy.....

A wonderful chain of events led to piece number four in my ethical clothing challenge.

Firstly, the fabulously talented Mel a co-op member at work (Olive Grove) has decided to leave.

In making the decision to leave she also decided to have a big cleanup and get rid of......fabric. Something I could never do. But bless her cotton socks, cause there were some great pieces she was giving away.
These two fabrics, a brown and yellow floral and a brown check were in amongst the stash and surprising looked good side by side, so I took them home hoping there was enough to make a top.

I would never usually put two prints together... a check and a floral....another sign that I am turning into my mother!
But they seemed perfect together, and it was creating another addition to my non-black wardrobe so it was all good....

I used the pattern I have been working on for my last few attempts...again. I'm not sick of it yet, so it's all good. This time I extended the border contrast on the sleeve to go all the way around the neck too. Finishes it off nicer I think.

But....that's not all there is to the story.
After picking up the fabric and adding it to my stash, I spied a brand new foxy creation over at the Lino forest blog. It was in the exact same colors as the fabric I had newly attained and had so much character in his little face, that I had to have him.

So out came the fabric that was stored away for another day and I whipped up the top in time for Thursdays Northern craft bonanza catch up where I would rendezvous with the lovely Liz to pick up foxy, the Pièce de résistance to my newest ethical clothing pledge top.



  1. Great top... the fabric combination works really well together. Noice.

  2. OH great finds, a nice parting gift?? How could you never want to mix plaid for florals, your mother (& possibly you my lovely Jay) would HATE my patchwor - plaid, check, stripes, spots mixed with florals, patterns & prints. Oh dear. Love the top, great work. Love Posie

  3. lookin good Ms Jay, lookin good once again!
    like the brown check.
    hope you are having a good day Finkis

  4. It certainly looked foxy indeed!

  5. I'm glad my number one fox cub went to such a good (colour co-ordinated) home.
    The fashion world needs more clashing prints I say. Florals and plaids RULE!

  6. that top is brilliant, i love the fabric combination

    I enjoy your blog so have nominated you for the lemonade Stand award . .

    Have a great week!

  7. I love that top design, it's flattering and stylish. Hope to see it in about eight minutes!

  8. There is something lovely about being given fabric. It looks great together and you did a fab job of your top Jay. And yes, the foxy does look foxy!

  9. So glad it found a good home!


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