Friday, January 1, 2010

Flashback on 2009......the year that was.

Joining in with Curlypops reflection of the year that was, I decided to revisit all the wonderful and not so wonderful things that happened in 2009.

I only started blogging in January 2009, and kick myself for not doing it sooner. What started as a crafty adventure to share my creations, has turned into so much more.....

An outlet for views and discoveries, a way of sharing my joys, fears and sorrows and most of all an amazing meeting point for all the new crafty friends I have.

I never...never expected so many great things to evolve out of a little online journal.
Thank you!

So without further ado, here are some highlights of my bloggy/crafty/personal year..... in '2009'


I began blogging on Jan 9 2009. This was when i decided that i needed my own crafty blog post back then read:

"It's so liberating to make the commitment to having a special little place for being creative. It's like saying this is the real deal man. I don't JUST... knit, or paint or play with beads, this is serious stuff. This is my life. The handmade journey, the road I travel, my creative cul-de-sac."


The month of Feb was overshadowed by the devastation of fires that were far too close to home, I wrote:

"By the time we left and hopped back in the car, the sky had transformed itself to a thick red and grey cloud. Ty said it was dust.......but I knew that it was that same sky I saw as a 7 year old, during the ash Wednesday fires, full of peoples dreams and hopes going up in flames. You could sense it in the air.
We turned on the radio, and sure enough, fires were blazing in Whittlesea and Kinglake. Only 30 minutes away. Going home we did everything we could to keep the house cool, and prayed for the cool change. Watching the news with fascination, awe and fear, we listened to the horror stories and the growing death toll."


The first 'Made in Thornbury' market happened in march. It brought about the opportunity to meet so many bloggy peeps in real life, the best part...

"The highlight of my day was an adorable lady who bought one of my gift cards and said she loved it so much that she was going to frame it and put it in her lounge room. The artwork on it was a Finki original, so I was tickled pink."

This month Ben and Jessamy tied the knot, My thoughts were.....

"Kierah (my daughter) was their flower girl for the day. I had fears of her picking her nose whilst walking down the aisle, but she was the perfect little lady all day. "


My absence in blog land for 2 weeks out of this month was to take stock, refocus and put the hard yard in with some new designs:

So the scissor holder and recipe card holder were born....


More markets under my belt....and I think I'm starting to learn a few things!

I realised:

"I am none the wiser as to 'what people want', which really just reinforces the fact that you should just do what you like, rather than guess what people might like. At least that way you can stand there and really love everything you have to offer, knowing it wasn't influenced by fashion or fad, just pure personal inspiration."


I realised that working on new stuff, is what keeps this all so exciting for me.
Back then I said:

"I am always.....always...thinking of my next project and the next four after that matter of fact. But I try to focus on one new project a month to bring to fruition.
Between my day job, raising two kids, catching up on my cleaning, bills, website and blogging......... it doesn't always happen so effortlessly, but I try.
For me personally, this time is of essence, so life doesn't become same old, same old."


Two crafty friends and one big idea saw the beginning of 'Northside Makers'.

I wrote:

"It's hard to stop your self going full speed when you discover other people with the same niggly feeling ........We could do this, we can do that, let's try this, how about that........ So we slowed down, took ourselves seriously and started planning.
A big part of me feels overwhelmed and scared, but a bigger part of me feels exhilarated and as though finally......this is where I'm meant to be."


I reflected on Fathers Day, and how the meaning has changed for me over time.....

"I'm one of many who shares a touch of sadness on fathers day for a father who has passed on, but also celebrates the new father in my life. The father to my children."


After incubating for the full 40 weeks and then some....bubba no.2 for my little sis finally decided to join the world.

I call her Lillie Pillie.....really, she is Lilliana Rose an absolute angel.....


In November 'Finki' begun it's foray into a retail space...not once, but twice.......

Firstly by leasing a space at the fabulous Handmade Heaven in Queensland then by being accepted as a co-op member at Olive Grove.

Not only that....I also turned 34!

Such an exciting month!


A full month of markets...up to four in one week at some stages almost led to a crafty meltdown, but I made it out alive.
The month ended with me quitting my day job...YAY...... and meeting my new little niece, born on the 20th, Miss Elsie Velvet.

So that's a glimpse of 2009 in my little neck of the woods. This year has seen more creativity, personal growth and obstacles over come then any other year of my life.

So 2010......all i can say is "Bring it on"


  1. I agree Bring on 2010, hope you had a great Xmas and New year. Will have to catch up soon.


  2. I love that photo of Ty and Kierah and the new baby, just gorgeous! What a year it has been ... are you ready for the rollercoaster that is 2010?

  3. What an amazing year you had. You've achieved so much in such a short space of time. I really love that blogpost from June - you can never guess what people want, just make what you love.

  4. Yeah! Bring on the New Year and craft on.


  5. What a great reflection Jay. I felt I had a great year too, minus morning sickness for nearly 4 months. Its gone & now focused on 2010 too. Your daughter is the image of you. I hope 2010 brings all your dreams!


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