Sunday, September 6, 2009

Happy fathers day........

How the sentiment of fathers day has changed over the years....

From the time when us 6 kids banged and clashed our way through the preparation of a secret breakfast in bed. Co-coordinating such fine dining as cornflakes and milk, a side of Vegemite toast, with a glass of orange juice to wash it all down.

Funny how mum could do it every day of the year for the lot of us, but this one day when there was a collective effort of 6 working for one, it was the biggest achievement. Dad had too eat the whole lot while we watched, as proof he liked the fruits of our labor. Then followed a trail of lavender hankie pouches or socks with initials bought at the school fair, handmade clay mugs and sculptures from art class. Most definitely the sort of presents that could only be loved by your dad.

As I got older, fathers day became an afternoon lunch thing, squeezed into a busy social calender, then older again, it brought about a whole new bunch of handmade splendour from grandchildren and special dinners where you talked about the old days and got the goss on what your siblings were up to.

I miss the old days.

My dad passed away in 2005. My first fathers day without him was really hard. We made the trip over to the cemetery to lay some flowers and say hi and I was amazed, and saddened all at once by the hundreds of other families there too.

It's a strange thing that we feel so alone in our grief as though we are the only ones hurting for love lost. Seeing all those people reminded me that I'm not the only person that sheds a tear for a fathers who's gone.

I'm one of many who shares a touch of sadness on fathers day, but also celebrates the new father in my life. The father to my children. Through him, we get to revisit the whispers in the kitchen as we prepare pancakes and enjoy a whole new generation of clay pinch pots for years to come.

Some things change.....some stay the same.Happy fathers day dad.


  1. hugs Jay ♥
    I have been calm all day..until I read your I'm a sobbing mess.
    thinking of you x

  2. Beautiful Jay, Thanks for sharing, hope you had a good day :-) Miriam

  3. Lovely sentiments. Well expressed. I hope you enjoy all those Father's days to come continuing the old traditions and starting some new ones as well.

  4. Thanks for taking the time to share, I am sure your dad is looking down upon you and so proud of all that you have achieved with Finki Handmade and Northside Makers.

  5. OMG!! pregnant sister was doing so well to not get all snotty and messy, and then wack!! a whole day later and youv'e sumed up our childhood to a T and pregnant sister is a mess!! There seemed to be no person more capable of expressing his proudness of his lil girls than our dad, said from anyone else creates a new place of joy, leaving the old a cherished memory forever.
    Love you heaps big sis,your big dreams have become big realities and i'm super proud of you!:):)

  6. Thank you Jay for the reminder to appreciate what we have.


  7. Jay, what beautiful words, it brought a tear to my eye. I hope your husband had a lovely fathers day and enjoyed everything around him.


  8. Jay this is a beautiful post and reflection on your Dad and on life. Thankyou for sharing your thoughts on something so personal. I loved your take on celebrating the new father in your life. The one who is creating all those memories you had with your children.


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