Saturday, September 12, 2009

Where the wild things are........

Last week we trawled across the op shopping country side to find a nice big fleecy blanket.
Something cream, beige, white or grey.
Who would have thought it could be so hard. I was sure I'd seen heaps of them when i didn't need where were they now!
Our mission was to make a costume for the book parade. Kizzy wanted to go as Max from where the wild things are.
I had that book when i was younger, it's so nice to see it making a resurgence for today's kids to enjoy too.
Have you seen the trailer for the movie coming out soon.......Looks AMAZING!

So with no luck at the oppies, we begrudgingly headed off to spottie.
Fortune smiled upon us as in the form of a winter sale on polar fleece. YAY!
Got it for $2.50 a meter and at 1.5 mtr wide we only needed 2 metres to make Max's jammie jumpsuit complete with hood and claws.

And...and....and, a nice long peice of bushy fake fur was in the remnants bin, perfect for a tail.
All up we paid $6, which actually ended up cheaper than some of the blankets I've seen at Savers anyway.

A quick cut and sew on the macine, and Max was finished. No pattern or measuring tape......sorry sis........just traced around a top and pants. Worked a treat.

We even had fluff left over so little man could be a wild thing too.


  1. That's so cool... and an absolute bargain too!

  2. K looks great!! you did a fabulous job, even though some people would be apalled by the no pattern :)
    there is no way you would have bought anything cheaper at savers, you did well.

  3. Great costume! I can't wait to see the movie - my friend worked on the animation for it which makes it doubly exciting : )

  4. great costume and i love your pics of yout little wild thing :) gorgeous.

  5. The costume is fantastic Jay. You did a great job. Do you think the costume will make another appearance when the movie comes out? And so lovely to hear a nice story involving Spotlight!

  6. OMG...I love that book...I grew up with that book and haven't seen it forever.

  7. Love what you made for your kids!!
    I`m looking forward to the movie too - the trailer gives me goosebumps :)


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