Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Pay your bills....

I am sooo bad at keeping track of my spending.
Occasionally I write the weeks budget on a scrap of paper, only to go desperately searching for 'that paper with the numbers all over it' later, so I can remember what I had to pay whom.

So it got me thinking that I needed a little book, separate from my art journals and note books, that was just dedicated to paying boring old bills. After a few dodgy prototypes, I've settled on this design.

The new Finki 'bill book'. A 20 week bill ledger.

I'll be making them in a few funky colors, and giving them different titles....depending on where your money goes. For me it's "but honey, I did budget for that fabric......."
I could quite as easily say, "but honey, I did budget for that .... bag ..... makeup ..... shoes ..... clothes ... etc .. etc .....

Without a doubt, my new little 'bill book' is gunna solve all my financial woes.Well maybe not!
But hopefully I'll avoid a few of those lovely texts, saying ma'am have your overlooked paying your TRU energy bill!

The new range of 'bill books' will be released at Northside Makers Market, Oct 10th.


  1. I love it! Wish I could atten the Northside Makers Market, but sadly live in Brissy! If you are ever interested in wholesale drop us a line. I did budget for that fabric? would be perfect for our fabric store! Shona (

  2. These will be great Jay, Do they come in Pink ?

  3. Could you add in an extra two sheets of paper, making it 26 weeks (plus two pages for notes)? Then it'd last six months.

    The cover is so cute!

  4. These are great - much cuter than the Excel spreadsheet I use : )

  5. Fantastic Jay. That is soooooooooo cute!!!!

  6. super cute!
    hey Jay, check this out

  7. I've realised I'll desperately need one of these ledgers for our UK trip. Maybe in the future you could design a special travel costs ledger?

  8. Great idea Jay and I love that it is inspired by what you need.

  9. Great products - you are very talented :) Thought I'd drop into your blog as I came across you in the Dust forums whilst I was searching topics on The Sisters Market. I too am booked in for the October market, and I also live in Reservoir :) I havent really done many markets, seems like you are really into them which is great :)

  10. I am an excel user too as of last week. I realised I needed to keep track of spending better. I love the image above because it's very true in my life.

  11. Great idea, I wish I were in Melbourne so I could buy one. I think every girl not married/born to a millionaire (trillionaire these days) needs one of these books :)


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