Monday, September 7, 2009

What a day.......

Saturday was the 'Made in Thornbury' market. The best thing about having markets is all the shopping I get to do and all the people I get to meet.

This Saturday was no exception.

The hall was alive with the chitter chatter of stallholders catching up, customers dropping in to say hi and the acoustic sounds of the trio 'unsung' filling the air.

It's always such a nice market to be a part of. I sometimes forget I'm there to try and make money.

My stall was looking fabulous even if I do say so myself.
You know I always struggle to fit in my rather eclectic and expansive range without looking overcrowded and messy. So I was happy that it came together so well. I moved my shelving arrangement all down to one end which gave me a nice big gap to stand and serve. (Something I forget to leave last time).

It was the first foray into the real world for my new Finki art pendants. True to my word I hugged the first customer who bought one. Thank you for loving them too....

I made a whole new batch of stools, introduced a new range of bracelets, and moved things around so I could feature my new art pendants on my big display racks. I would have been happy to sell just one, but quite a few found new homes, so I was ecstatic.

It's always such a punt laying your heart on the line and putting something a little different out there, but if you never try, you never know!

I was all set for fathers day pressies for hubby and father in law, but could not resist adding these 'konstant Kaos' goodies to the parcel.

The funkiest man pouches you'll ever see. They have swivel clips, and loops to hang off your pants and ended up being the perfect size for keys, cards and mobile phone. Two happy dads indeed.

I also picked up these new additions to my ever growing brooch range.

Owl and bird were from my stall neighbour miss ruby, and the crotchet delight was from miss curlypops.

I got some kitschy Australiana fabric squares from two bits patches,

and a funky ATC that I'd seen on Mrs.Beckinsales blog and just had to buy.

I picked up some of the coolest stationary from 'pivx' a new kid on the block, with some mighty fine products. I got a card holder, shopping list and gift card.

and lastly but certainly not leastly..... The wonderfully talented Tinniegirl brought me this fabulous piece of art work that I won on her blog.

What a day!

The only thing missing were some of M.E's scrumptious offerings. I'll have to make up for it by having double next time.


  1. Glad you had a great day at Thornbury. Sometimes I forget why I'm at a market too and spend all the profits before I make them! Way too many temptations..

  2. Your stall was definitely looking fabulouso! I love my new art pendant / brooch. I wore it to work yesterday and out for dinner lastnight too.

  3. jay, your creations look fabulous!! that customer would have had a pleasant surprise with a hug coming their way. great to hear your gorgeous creations found some new homes and looking forward to seeing them up close soon.

  4. So YOU bought my Aussie charm squares :D.
    Mrs Beckinsale was going to give me an ATC, I think she forgot.

  5. It just sounds like one huge crafty party! Glad things went swimmingly well...

  6. Yep, you're stall looked sensational. I'm so happy with my new pendant and I'll be fighting you for the cupcakes in October!!!!

  7. Hello darling, I am here from m.e. and love what I see. You have a lovely blog and a new follower.

    Love & Hugs
    Duchess ♥♥♥


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