Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Some random lovliness......

I love when i find little treasures that I can treat myself to, without the feelings of guilt for having spent too much on myself instead of the bills. Double that excitement when I know it's hand made.

Lovebird earrings by: Red poppy accessories.

My birdie love knows no boundaries, I just can't get enough of bird accessories and art. These little gems will be perfect for the days that i can't be bothered color co-coordinating a pair of my usual button earrings.

and finally some new scents....
Moroccan fig perfume oil by: Flourish bath and body.

I'm not usually a perfume girl. But i do love my essential oils. When my favourite body shop fragrance 'amorito' ran out recently, I headed off to get some more only to be told they don't make it anymore.......aghhhh....devastation.
Shopping for your signature scent is just as bad as shopping for bathers. You can try so many and go home empty handed cause nothing flattered you the way it should.
Through the random laws of the universe I came across Flourish bath and body on Etsy, and thought it was too much of a co inky dink that I should discover oils when I was browsing jewellery.....that i just had to buy them.
Bit of a risk buying fragrance online, but the seller had such wonderful descriptions .....like
"Picture a fig tree in the middle of an exotic courtyard garden. The fruit is hanging low on the branches, ripe, permeating the air with scent. Flowers bloom all around, and the warm breeze carries a faint scent of smoke and exotic spices from the nearby market".

Sounded perfect. How could I refuse.

I got Morrocan fig, Applewood and Black tea & mint. Yummmmm!

They arrived yesterday and i absolutely love them all.

Thank you oh random universe of coincidence for pointing me in there direction.


  1. Thank goodness that all worked out! You could have turned into a fig tree or something...

  2. Finkster those birdy earrings are too cute!

  3. hi Jay,
    I know you are probably in a bit of a chaos this week, just wanted to say...take a deep breath, it will be spectacular!!! ♥

  4. I know you're too busy to blog, but I hope you have a fantastic day for your first market ! and many more to come !
    Miriam aka mummabubba !


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