Thursday, October 8, 2009

Almost the big day..................

When I jumped on board the committee for organizing a new handmade market in my neighborhood, I had no idea what I was in for.
In part, I thought it would be a big bloggy love in, with the odd friend roped in under pressure.

How wrong could I be.

After months of planning, online collaboration, talking, texting, making bookings, twitting, blogging and dreaming we, Margaret Jennie and I, the Northside Makers, have created one hellava market event right here in Northcote this Saturday.

There were times when all our patience was stretched, whilst we juggled our own craft business, our day jobs and our young families.
There were the inevitable delays with banks and corporations, the tedious tasks of setting up liability insurance and booking tables....but I would not change it for one second.
Cause come Saturday, I think we will all be able to stand there, so proud of what we have achieved.
Not just for creating this opportunity for all the crafty people in our community to come together and shine, but for laying the stepping stones for this event to pave the way to the ongoing growth of this fabulous community of handmade artisans. just the beginning.

There will be over 40 stalls of handmade wonder. (check our blog for the list of stallholders)
We have cakes, coffee, a fundraiser sausage sizzle, face painting, balloons and craft tables for the kids.
I look forward to beginning my Christmas shopping whilst I'm there and continuing my mission of only buying and giving handmade presents for all.

Amidst the craziness of planning this great event, I may have overlooked the fact that my name is on that poster advertising me as a stall holder too aghhhhh....

Till this week of course.

So I have been crafting from dawn to dusk...I kid you not! and look forward to displaying:

A few of my new bill books

Some new big berthas! I had sold out of all my large glass pendants and had trouble sourcing the glass till now, so finally......... they are back.

A selection of fabric button bracelets in vintage and vintage inspired fabrics. So many peeps pick these up thinking they are for the kiddies.
I must just be a big kid at heart, cause I love all the fun colors and most definitely make these for the grown ups.

Some 'match box minis'.
Little glass pendants for the petite at heart.

Lots of new glass rings......just love them colors I do.....

and releasing the 'Finki art pendants' in my new oval design.

Whew, I'm exhausted.

Just some last minute running around tomorrow, early night for R & R, then a super duper Market Day on Saturday. Hope to see yah there.

Come along and support all the new faces to the market scene, as well as some of your old favorites.


  1. Oh, Jay...this is so exciting..I am so super proud of you...
    I hope it all goes so very well for you...there is no doubt in my mind that it will just be marvelous. Wish I could be there but can't wait to read about it next week.
    From Liesa

  2. Excellent effort - well done to you. Just remember to breathe it all in when you're running around like a headless chook on the day!

  3. Lots of handmade lovliness wishes being sent your way for Saturday...
    Who woulda thought ? Go Girls !!

  4. I'll definitely be there Jay to offer support. It looks like it will be such a fun day. I just wish I had have made something to put on your group table!! Oh well next time!

  5. I want to come too! Your items look fabulous. All the best for the Big Day.

  6. Oh a huge big hug and wish you all the best for your new endeavour. You are right in what you say - you can stand there and be so proud of what you have achieved. I know the feeling! Can't wait to hear the update with how it all went.


  7. You've done an amazing job of all of it. I am so looking forward to tomorrow.

  8. wow really interesting post! Good luck with the event!

  9. Good luck with the market tomorrow! I do do do so wish I lived in Melbourne still (I'm originally from Sunbury). Your market sounds lovely. Hope the weather is glorious xx Tracey


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