Sunday, October 18, 2009

Where's your hoot...........

The lovely Felicity over at Flicketty splits recently posed the thought, "I sometimes wonder where my hoots end up"

I can answer that.....thought I.
As I have had the pleasure of meeting the hoot family and adopting one for me.....

This here is my hoot, she delights in bringing a splash of color and fun to my bedroom and spends her days reclining on plush cushions far far away from little hands.

although little hands sometimes find there way to her abode.

Having seen the absolute adorableness that a hoot can bring to ones home my M.I.L agreed that her home would not be complete without one too.
So meet 'In my gothic garden'

She perches delightfully atop a very funky wicker chair, taunting the many pussy cats that wonder by. She's very at home, indeed.

If you have the pleasure of owning one of the hoot family too, lets start a family tree.....


  1. She certainly is gorgeous and looks very at home on that chair. I wonder if she's related to any of the owls at our place?

  2. I think my chair is in your house. I had one of those chairs when I was young and I am always on the lookout for another one.

  3. Look at my little hoots all at home in your houses - I'm so proud of them both!!


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