Sunday, October 18, 2009

Right up on High....

Was wandering up on High st on Friday and came across....wonders of wonders....a bead store.

I'm sure I've passed it a million times before, but stupidly, never ventured in.
It's not the most delightful of interiors and there is definitely no sales assistants asking how your days been, but that's sorta appealing in itself.
You can linger longer and take your time touching everything.

They have trays and trays of beads, strands of gems, lots of suede's, leather and tiger tail and some super cheap shop display items behind the counter.

I got some funky beads for a project I'm working on ready for my December markets and at only 10 cents each I could afford a few colors to have a play with.

I also nabbed a display bust for only $8.95.....I've seen them in shop display shops for much more then that, so I was very happy.
I don't usually use conventional display items for my stalls, but the beaded idea I'm working on needs something to set it apart from all the rest, so it was good timing really, that I came across it.

If your in the area and after a bargain, the shops called Bejooled and its at 320 high st, Preston, Vic.


  1. I know the shop - I'm a regular there :) It's great as it's so close, and I can quickly pop into the shop if I need things like crimps, jump rings and clasps - and yeah, although it's on high st, its kinda hidden amongst the other shops :)

  2. I've always just walked right past that shop... maybe I should go in. Sounds great.


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