Wednesday, October 28, 2009

some more thrifty finds...

There's something so exciting about entering a room full of antiquities and second hand paraphernalia.
More exciting than the thrill of shopping on sale days in retail land, cause you know when you hit jackpot and find those little gems that come home to be treasured, that they truly are rare gems.

I often have feelings of anxiousness and apprehension as to which way to turn first.

Maybe that woman will get to the tea towels before me.....or what If i skip books to get to the tea towels and then see someone walk past me with 20 little golden books....I'd cry on the inside...oh o.k................ I'd cry on the outside.

So I tend to do a quick skim and then come back to the hot spots for a closer look.

The lovely Beky from Pivx was the little gem that told me about this new place to shop for wonders of old. Well I'm sure it's been there forever but it was new for me. It's the diamond valley antiques and collectibles centre. We got lots of goodies there.

This superdooperly fantastic intercom system, and a vintage microscope still in it's box,

A great cane caddy for my bitses and some more souvenir tea towels for stools and the upcoming apron making for charity sessions...

some great kids books and these naff knitting patterns.
You can't really see the men's vest one, but it's titled masculine knits. Hehehehe...cause you know, if it didn't say masculine the big boys might feel a bit sissy wearing Nana's knitted vests. But now it's all o.k
So funny.


  1. Hello..... my dear! Down in the Old Flour Mill where Handmade Heaven is they have this dear little antique shop, I love looking at all the antique tea cups and saucers...

    Oh by the way... yeah for coming to the Expo in November.... we knew you couldn't stay away - look forward to seeing you again.


  2. I completely forgot to tell you, did you go behind as well there's more! Rooms full of stuff. You will just have to visit again!

  3. I can never find tea towels in op shops, either at home or in the dozen I've visited during my holiday. I finally found you one in Bath and hope to bring you more!


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