Monday, November 2, 2009

Sun, spooks and shopping...

The beautiful sun shone all weekend in Melbourne making it really feel like summer. Hot enough to remind me that I best get some of that winter weight off, if I want to fit into last summers clothes and definitely warm enough to sit on the back step with a sunny boy.

We made the trip over to Healesville to visit the markets at the race course. (formerly Yarra Glen market)
It was huge. I can't believe I hadn't been there before. Lots of foodie stalls, craft, clothes and jewellery, even a band and a little farm for the kiddies. Well worth the drive for a nice day out.

Miss Finki jnr had not one, but two Halloween parties, lucky duck. She has a busier social life than us, that's for sure. On the Friday it was dress ups and games at her friends girl guides club, then off for some trick or treating on the Saturday.
They only came across one anti - halloween person, who made a point of telling the parent in charge that she was very dissapointed that he was encouraging such behaviour! Hmmm......
Next year we'll have to remind him only to knock on the houses that have a pumpkin out.

Lots of lollies and a pussy cat tail = one happy girl.

(pardon the blurry photo's...bundle of cuteness in image one.... aka the terror, got his greasy mitts on my lens.....Thanks mstr Finn!)

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  1. Love the pics.
    Sad to hear someone wasn't all for the kids having a bit of fun on Halloween.


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